Overhead Press PR and my favorite workout shirt

Today I planned on trying to set a new overhead press PR so I made sure I was wearing my favorite workout shirt.  I usually don't make a point of wearing a particular shirt but I figured I'd take advantage of any 'favorite shirt' mojo available.  There's nothing really special about the shirt, it's not tight or ripped up or even from a competition that I lifted in.  It just happens to be the one I like to lift in the most.  Back when I was much, much younger, I had favorite shirts that showed off my little shoulder muscles or meager biceps but that's not in the cards these days.

I see lifters in the gym that do make a point of wearing the same outfit each day.  More power to them, anything that helps them do the work is fine by me as long as they don't stink.  While I don't wear the same shirt every workout, all my workout shirts are black.  Black shows sweat more than white but black shirts don't get that tell-tale brown mark across the back from squatting with a rusty bar.  Plus black is slimming.

This is my favorite shirt after a workout and a PR
I started the workout with squats.  My test singles went okay, added some weight to last week's singles and then did an extra single with 405 just because.  The work sets with 385 went very well and I increased my output by an extra repetition per set.  Overall things felt good even if I'm still lagging behind my squat numbers from last competition.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 315x3, 365x3, 405x1, 425x1, 435x1, 405x1, 385x3x5 sets

My shoulders were pretty beat up from squatting but I was committed to making a run at another overhead press PR.  Warm ups and my ramp up sets were fast so I loaded 220 lbs, wrapped my wrists and went for it.  It pressed faster than I thought even though I felt myself blacking out as the I locked out the weight.  I lowered it just in time to relieve the valsalva and managed not to crash into the rack.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have another 2 pounds in my today but I was very happy to hit the 100kg barrier.  Next up is the two wheel (225 lbs) press.  Maybe next week but if not, it'll have to wait until after my February 12 competition.

Overhead Press:  135x5x2 sets, 165x3, 185x2, 205x1, 220x1 PR, 185x3x3 sets.

Dumbbell rows:  100x12, 100x10, 100x9.  Very happy with how fast my grip endurance is adapting to these.

Face pulls:  40x20x2 sets.

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