Analysis of my deadlift form-Update

Of all the lifts, the deadlift is the one lift that I haven't yet exceeded my previous all-time bests.  My squat and bench press in the past 4 years have both exceeded levels that I had reached during my first foray into powerlifting back in 1987-1992.  The deadlift, on the other hand, has been the slowest to come around.

On thing that I have been working on is to start the pull with a rounded upper back.  It's how I pulled when I hit my all-time best of 644 lbs (raw) back in 1992.  I also pulled with a rounded lower back but that's just a case of getting away with it because I was young and fearless.

When I started the powerlifting 'comeback', I deadlifted like they said to in all the internet blogs, with a flat back.  That worked well until I started getting pinned to the floor with anything even marginally over 600 lbs.  After reviewing old pictures and video, I decided I needed to keep tight in the lower back but allow my upper back to round to shorten the lever and allow me to start the pull with my hips higher.  I first started this process back in December 2011.  This post is an update to December 29th's blog post, "Deadlift Grooving and an overhead press PR."

My latest success with 622 lbs is largely due to reincorporating this form tweak.  I don't have video or pictures of that pull but it felt like I was pretty rounded over.  In the attached photo collage, I'm at lift-off with 600 lbs in January 2011, 622 lbs all humped in 1989, and 606 lbs in February 2012.  Each lift was successfully locked out.  The 1989 form is definitely not something I seek to emulate but the February 2012 lift-off is right where I want it.


  1. it's no secret that guys with long hair deadlift more than guys with 'proper' hair.

    the reason is because people with long don't care about how they look, and are willing to sacrifice themselves wholly to the pull.

    every guy with long hair will pull until they die, very few proper guys will...


    wicked pictures, looking forward to seeing how you smash into the mid 6's!

  2. thanks Frank! I feel very good about my training progress so far. I'm shooting for being able to make a good attempt at a 292.5 kg DL in June. With knee sleeves, I'm hoping I'll be good for a 215 kg squat. I'm also re-introducing creatine so I'm hoping the extra bloat will keep the gains coming.


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