Last pre-competition deadlift workout

Nine days out from my competition and knock on wood, things are feeling pretty good in the Deadlift areas.  I didn't pop a new a gym PR but what I did seemed to take very little out of me.  I think my ramping up of deadlift volume this training cycle has definitely increased my work capacity.  If that turns out to be true, I should be able to parlay that into some new PR's (hopefully an all-time PR, not just a 'comeback' PR) in the training cycles after this coming meet.

Deadlift:  315x5, 405x3, 495x1, 545x1, 585x1, 605x0, 525x1x3 sets (super-setted with shrugs)

The attempt at 605 got off the ground but wasn't moving anywhere after that.  Lifting in shoes versus the deadlift slippers at the meet always costs me about 20 lbs.  I also usually get a pretty good psych on at the meet that's good for a little more.  Prior to my last meet in September, I didn't lift anything heavier than 555 for a single in the three months leading up to the meet and I lifted 606 on the platform so I feel pretty good about my planned second attempt at 606 and third at 617 or 622 on the 11th.

The three back off singles with 525 were super-setted with barbell shrugs.  To be honest, I can't shrug that much weight very far but it's still a workout wrestling with it once I get it off the floor.  A good combination of speed single and upper body stress work--I've found that to be pretty valuable addition to my training arsenal.

Barbell Shrugs:  floor pick-up 525x5, 525x5, 525x5

It was also light overhead press day and normally my core and upper traps have been pretty shaken from the deadlift and shrug work so these light presses are a challenge.  Today, it really didn't seem like the deadlift and shrug work took as much out of me as prior workouts.  I purposely kept my weights in the prescribed ranges but added extra work sets and ended up exceeded prior light day workout volumes.

Overhead Press:  135x5, 135x5, 165x5x5 sets

Finished up with dumbbell rows which suffered a bit because my grip was shot even though I strapped up for deadlifts and shrugs.

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