Last pre-competition workout and cutting weight

Today would have normally been a heavy deadlift day but with the competition this Saturday, I decided to just do some easy speed pulls.  Nothing much to report on them, they were easy as expected and won't impact on my recovery any.

Deadlifts:  315x3, 405x2x5 sets

Did some light overhead presses as well, also concentrating on speed.

Overhead presses:  135x5x5 sets

The main challenge of today and the previous two days has been the "super-hydration" process prior to initiating the water cutting process for Friday evening's weigh-in.  I usually don't bother with much of a weight cutting process because the Ontario Powerlifting Association uses a 2 hr weigh-in policy.  Since 2 hrs doesn't allow for much re-hydration, I'll usually just cut 3-4 lbs accomplished by simply stopping food and water for 12 hrs prior and maybe one hot bath.

For the competition this weekend, the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation utilizes night-before weigh-ins.  This creates a much larger window to re-hydrate without adversely affecting performance.  I had originally planned on being very close to the 100kg weight limit even before having to cut any weight but my diet wasn't very tight and I found myself about 14 lbs over the weight limit a week out.  Since cutting 14 lbs for a night before weigh-in isn't a huge amount of suffering, I decided I'd cut the weight just for fun.

So far, it's not fun at all.  The standard process involves super-hydrating for three days and then cutting all liquids hoping the body rebounds and dehydrates itself most of the way.  Day one was supposed to be 2 gallons of water, day two was 2.5 gallons, and today was scheduled to be 3 gallons.  Drinking that much water in a day is a definite chore.  Add to that the constant visits to the bathroom and a non-stop full bladder.  One plus is I haven't been tempted to eat that much.

Tomorrow, I cut off all water and can eat some "low residue" food until about noon.  "Low residue" foods are foods found by the Australian Institute of Sport to digest with minimal waste.  The idea being, they won't leave bulk in the digestive system that creates unnecessary weight.  Not really looking forward to eating any of the foods on the list because they're all high-glycemic carbs and will likely make me crave something like a pizza or a hamburger.  I'll probably hit a sweat session in the evening and then see how far out I am Friday morning.

I'll have all day Friday to sweat out any remaining pounds before I weigh-in at approximately 5 pm.  After that, it's some re-hydration via Pedialyte and then some, probably alot, of food.


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