The road to a 292.5 kg deadlift begins

My success with a 282.5 kg deadlift a couple of weeks ago has made it very clear to me that my next goal is 292.5 kgs.  That number is significant to me because it represents the most weight I've ever deadlifted in my life.  I achieved that deadlift back in 1992 and have yet to match it.  My recent progress has given me great optimism that I will soon be able to match and exceed that lift.

Back in the day, getting on a Powerlifting USA Top 100 list was pretty big goal for me and when I made that 292.5 kg deadlift, I was lucky enough to make the deadlift list at #100.  It was also the one and only time I would ever be on the same page as the greatest of all time, Ed Coan.  In the years between that lift and when I resumed my powerlifting activities in 2008, I had lost the issue with my Top 100 list. Luckily, Rickey Dale Crain through his Crain's Muscle World store had a stockpile of back issues.  Not knowing which issue I was in, I traded about 5 emails back and forth with Mr. Crain and he, very surprisingly, was gracious enough to actually look through his stockpile of  issues to find the one with my name in it.  Being that he was one of my powerlifting idols when I first started lifting, finding out he was so willing to help a powerlifter with a mid-life crisis really impressed me.
I'm #100 on the deadlift list, way behind #1  ED COAN
Anyways, today's deadlift workout was the first "heavy" workout since my last competition.  I plan to deadlift from a small deficit (2") for the next 6-8 weeks before transitioning to pulls from the floor to peak for my next meet in June.  My work sets today were with 515 lbs for sets of 2.  I had planned for anywhere from 3 to 5 sets depending on bar speed.  Because my back was still not fully recovered from Monday's squat workout, I ended up doing three sets.  I then did barbell shrugs with a floor pick up (no deficit) with 455 lbs.  The 455 lbs should've been speed single weight but only the second set moved quickly enough.

Deadlifts from 2" deficit:  315x3, 405x3, 515x2x3 sets
Barbell Shrugs with a floor pick up:  455x10, 455x8, 455x8

Overhead press (light day) was next and these felt so good I was able to greatly increase my total volume from previous "light day" workouts (5 rep sets, no grinding).

Overhead Presses:  135x5x2 sets, 165x5, 170x5, 175x5, 180x5, 165x5

I finished up with face pulls.  I don't have any other powerlifting pictures to post but I thought I'd post this picture of Vivian's pet birds, Desi (the green one) and Tweetie (actually her name is 'weetie pea' but I refuse to say that).  They usually don't get along quite this chummy but Vivian's been travelling on business and we all miss her.
They miss Vivian

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