Squats and Overhead Presses

My competition, the 100% Raw Powerlifting Toronto Open, is this Saturday so this workout was scheduled to be medium intensity, low volume.  Squats and overhead presses were the main lifts and I planned on working up to some practice singles in the Squat and then pushing the overhead press to whatever I could move.

Squats went about like I figured.  Singles with 405, 425, and 425 went about as well as I would've expected in the last week before the meet.  Not real explosive but I expected that.  This week is about active recovery and as little excitation as possible since I'll be plenty hyped come meet time.  Finished with a single, back-down set of 385x2 reps.  It wasn't particularly clean but it was easy.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 365x3, 405x1, 425x1, 425x1, 385x2

Overhead presses went well.  After last week's two plate press PR, I wanted to hit that again today to validate the two plate overhead press.  I hate when you hit those PR's that were the result of a perfect day and then it takes weeks to get back to that number.  I wanted to prove to myself that I was setting a new level, not just touching a milestone and then falling back.

Unlike last week, I did a double at 205 in order to treat the attempt at a 225 single as if it were just a workout weight rather than a challenge.  Plus, a couple weeks ago, I failed at hitting 225x1 after a 205x2 set.  Today, the 225x1 was smoother than last week's PR attempt.  The bar pressed smoothly past my head with no stumble and while the lockout was hard, there was never a doubt I was going to finish it.  After that, I finished with two sets of 205x2 reps.  The four sets with over 200 lbs were the most volume I've done with that weight so progress has been made.   Moving forward, my goal will be to triple with 205 and double with 225.

Overhead press:  135x5x2 sets, 185x2, 205x2, 225x1, 205x2, 205x2

Finished up with four sets of face pulls and then home to continue the super-hydration process.  Drinking 2 gallons of water is not fun or easy and I'm not really looking forward to 2.5 gallons tomorrow and 3 gallons on Wednesday.  It's all part of the weight-cutting process that starts on Thursday and will hopefully end Friday evening with me comfortably making the 100kg weight class limit.

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