It's the Alfalfa Sprouts?

This is way outta left field but on the recommendation of a fellow lifter that is a Dr. of Oriental Medicine (not entirely sure what that is) I started eating alfalfa sprouts 9 days ago.  He recommended I eat one carton a day.  Since I like the taste and could always use more greens, I decided to give it shot, especially since 9 days ago, I was still getting over a cold and felt like even if it was "woo" therapy, it was worth a shot.

For the first few days, I noticed nothing unusual.  After six days in which I ate sprouts on five of them, I started to feel like I had more energy.  On Saturday, I had a particularly productive front squat and bench press workout.  This was a bit unusual since I hadn't front squatted or bench pressed in 15 days but I figured maybe the rest helped.  For some reason, I was looking forward to tonight's workout because I wanted to see if the I could continue the streak of excellent workouts.

Last Wednesday in my first squat/overhead press/push press workout since I had recovered from my cold/flu, I worked up to one top set of three with 405.  It felt pretty good but I had very little endurance.  That's partly why I was surprised to find my energy back to pre-illness levels so soon on Saturday.  Today, I felt absolutely normal.  It didn't feel like I was only two workouts back from a 12 day layoff, especially since I spent the last 7 of those days sick.

My first workset with 405 was an easy triple so I upped the weight to 425 for my next two sets.  I did two fairly fast doubles and then did three back-off sets with 385.   The weights felt very comfortable and my form held for all reps.  I don't really care what the reason is but I'm looking forward to working at 425/385 for the next few weeks.  This represents a nice jump up from my previous work levels at 405/365.  Ideally, I would like to get to 445/405 by the time this competition training cycle concludes at my next competition in June.  That would project to a nice 10-15 kg increase in my squat since my last meet in February.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 365x3, 405x3, 425x2, 425x2, 385x4, 385x4, 385x3

Overhead presses were next and like the squats, they felt very explosive and the weights felt great.  I was able to hit a single with 225 that went up easy enough that I went for a PR attempt at 230.  Surprisingly, this went up just as easily as the 225.  Buoyed with confidence, I loaded 245 to start my push press sets.  To my surprise, I was not able to push press it.  I'm pretty sure it's a timing issue but nonetheless, I re-loaded the bar to 225 and did three sets of doubles.  Each set felt fast enough that I tried a third rep but failed to complete it each time.  It's a technique issue not a strength issue so I'm confident I'll hit it next week.

Overhead press:  135x5, 135x5, 185x3, 205x2, 225x1, 230x1 PR
Push Press:  245x0, 225x2, 225x2, 225x2
Face pulls:  45x15, 55x15, 55x15

I finished up with face pulls and even these felt easy.  Overall it was a strange feeling to feel so much stronger.  If it's from the alfalfa sprouts, it'll be the easiest plateau buster ever.

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