Rookie mistake, don't deadlift on a full stomach

I've been at this lifting thing over a 30 year span, 10+ of those years spent actively training for powerlifting competition and I'm still making rookie mistakes.  Today, I made the rookie mistake of trying to train heavy deadlifts on a full stomach.

I was scheduled to work up to 515 for sets of 3 in the 2" deficit deadlift but based on how good I've been feeling, I decided to push the top weight as far as I could.  My first work set at 495 (instead of 515 since I was planning on going higher) was an easy triple.  I loaded 545 and planned to do either a single or a double depending on speed.  I had designs on going up to 565 if 545 moved well.

Turns out, that plan would have to wait.  My first rep with 545 moved fine but halfway up I could feel my full stomach trying to push its contents upwards away from my intra-abdominal pressure.  I ended up just doing one rep.  I tried two more times to do another single with 545 but each time, just as I started to bear down and pull, the first thing that moved was my stomach contents.  No way I could pull heavy from a deficit without barfing today.

I took the 25's off the bar and took away the plate I was using for a deficit and decided I'd do my barbell shrugs from the floor with 495 in the hopes of at least getting a little extra work in. I hoped that by eliminating the deficit and reducing the weight, that I wouldn't have to deal with the urge to empty my stomach under pressure.

Luckily this worked well and I was able to do four sets of five shrug reps while getting in four singles with 495.

Deficit Deadlifts (2" deficit):  315x3, 405x3, 495x3, 545x1, 545x0
Barbell Shrugs from the floor:  495x5x4 sets

Overhead presses were next and although this was my "light day", I decided to up the volume by working with 80% of my new 1RM.  These went well despite my core being pretty worn out from the deadlifts and shrugs.

Overhead Presses:  135x5, 135x5, 185x5x3 sets
Dumbbell Rows:  100x10x3 sets

I finished up with dumbbell rows.  Depressingly, I was still so full when I got home that I didn't have room to eat my normal post-workout snack/treat, a tub of greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter.

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