Big improvement over the last volume squat day

Pre-workout supplement:  600 mg ibuprofen.

My last volume squat day was on April 10 and it didn't go that great.  The plan on that day was to do three sets with 425 and then three sets with 385.  I didn't feel any speed so I ended up doing fewer total repetitions with those loads and even had to throw in a couple extra sets to get the speed I wanted.

Today, aided by the pre-workout ibuprofen and generally feeling alot more explosive, my workout went much, much better.  I hit my prescribed sets and reps with 425 and all the reps felt fast and in control.  I also hit all my prescribed sets and reps with 385.  Repetition quality at both intensity levels was excellent in that they were both fast and my form felt as good as it's ever felt.

Squat:  135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 385x3, 425x2x3 sets, 385x4x3 sets.  15 total reps at 82% of my 1 RM and 6 total reps at 90% of my 1 RM.

Overhead presses were next and after last week's OHP PR and my 'from out of nowhere' bench workout two days ago, I decided I would keep overall intensity a bit lower and hit some extra volume.  I think this plan worked out well as I was able to get in alot of volume at 79% and 87% of my 1 RM.

Overhead Press:  135x5x2 sets, 185x3, 205x3x3 sets, 205x2, 185x5, 185x5, 185x3  16 total reps at 79% of my 1 RM and 11 total reps at 87% of my 1 RM.

I'm 6 weeks out from my competition and so far everything is starting to come together very well.  I'm feeling strong and fast and so far there are minimal aches and pains.  Thursday is my last heavy deficit deadlift session, my goal is to pull 585 from the 2" deficit.

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