Friday the 13th deadlifting

I felt good going into my heavy deadlift workout.  I never look forward to deadlifting but things felt fully recovered and I knew I'd be able to do some decent pulling.  My original plan called for a top set of 545x2 from a 2" deficit but I changed that because I wanted to pull 565 for 1 from a deficit.

Deficit Deadlifts (2" deficit):  315x5, 405x3, 495x3, 545x1, 565x1 (PR)

The 545x1 was as fast as I've ever pulled it from a deficit so I was full of confidence prior to my top set with 565.  The 565 was hard but not tunnel vision, time-slowing down hard.  I never needed to grind even though it also never seemed to get out of low gear.  I didn't have to kick it into "vision quest" mode so I know there are more pounds in the tank for my last heavy deficit deadlift workout in two weeks.

Next were barbell shrugs from the floor with 495 lbs.  I was still a bit gassed from the heavy singles so my first set didn't move that easily.  The shrugs were difficult--I still can't get a real good range of motion on these but they kick the crap out of my core and upper back.  I ended up doing 5 sets with the 495.  On the last set, I  broke down the bar to 405 so I could set it back on the rack for further tear-down and did a final set of 5 shrugs.    Since my rest period was only long enough to strip one 45 from each side, the residual fatigue made this drop set of shrugs pretty tough even though it was 90 lbs lighter.

Barbell Shrugs w/floor pick up:  495x4, 495x5/405x5 drop set

Since I had already substituted my heavy overhead pressing workout with a bench press workout, I decided it would be appropriate to fully deload the overhead press.  I ended up doing 4 sets with 135 lbs.  Since I usually try to limit my sets to numbers I can count to without having to take off my shoes, my endurance on these went pretty quickly.  My original plan to do 5 sets of 10 devolved to 4 sets of 35 total repetitions.

Overhead Press:  135x10, 135x10, 135x9, 135x6

So far, training for my next meet in early June is going well. I need to start tightening up my diet in these final 6 weeks because I've gotten a bit sloppy with starchy carb over-consumption (ie: donuts, muffins, and french fries) and my weight has crept up to 240.  I'll be competing at 231 so I need to drop 6-8 lbs or so to make weight easily with a 2 hr weigh-in.


  1. Solid deadlifting!

    Shrugs from the floor I assume meaning, deadlift the bar up first, and then shrug it?

    1. yup, floor pickup, shrugs for as many reps as possible, down. I count that as a combination speed dl single and then some shrug work that also adds extra time under tension for my upper body and core. I've only been doing them for a couple of months so I have no idea of the shrugs are paying any benefits but the core work seems to be helping and it's less boring than just holding the weight for 15-20 seconds.

      It just seemed like a waste to pull the shrugs off a rack when I could get in some speed dl work if I picked them up off the floor. I got the idea from another training log I saw at

  2. Nice PR Craig! Are you sticking to deficit pulls for a while longer or do you plan on hitting the floor now until comp time?

    Also love the

    1. I've got two more weeks of pulling from the 2" deficit and then after that all pulls from the floor. Today is light deadlift day, 475x5x3 sets from the deficit and barbell shrugs from the floor with 475, 5 sets of shrugs. Next week, work up to a top single off the deficit and then 5 sets of shrugs from the floor with 495. The goal is to pull 585x1 from the 2" deficit. After that, should be two heavy pull sessions from the floor, hopefully ending with 605 or 620 for 1. If I hit that in the gym in shoes, I should be good for 633-644 at the competition especially if I get someone to slap me around before the 3rd attempt.


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