Gym was closed for Easter

The gym was closed for Easter Sunday and Vivian and I had a tee time on Saturday so that meant I missed my front squat and bench press workout.  However, I walked the course and carried my bag and after sitting on my ass all Winter, what author John Feinstein once called, "A Good Walk Spoiled" absolutely, positively destroyed my legs and lower back.  Even if I had been able to lift on Sunday, I would've been good for nothing as even walking to the kitchen for food blew up my lower back with a killer low back pump.

Monday night was the night of a NHL Playoff fantasy league draft so I had a convenient excuse for skipping a workout on International Bench Press day.  The can of Guinness and the piece of pizza I ate while picking arguably the worst possible team (I know almost nothing about the hockey) did help rejuvenate my recuperative powers--that's the story I was sticking to at the time.

By tonight I was ready to squat.  I was but my body wasn't.  Everything felt pretty crappy overall and I kept having to change the weight just to find some decent bar speed.  Even still, I was stuck doing a bunch of doubles instead of 3's and 4-5's.  If I don't have some bounce in my step on my Thursday deadlift workout, I may have to reset my weights back a little and ramp back up.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 315x5, 385x3, 425x2, 425x2, 405x2, 385x2x3 sets, 365x4

Since I missed bench press day over the weekend, I decided to do them today and take a break from overhead pressing.  I was starting to regret this decision a bit after squats because my shoulders were extremely pissed at me.  For some reason, my shoulder mobility has regressed the past couple of weeks and I'm back to the point where multiple sets of back squats beat my shoulders to hell.  I'm going to have to get on the lacrosse ball some and also consider some Ibuprofen therapy.

Bench Presses:  45x10, 95x10, 135x6, 185x5, 225x3, 255x2x4 sets, 225x5x2 sets

The bench presses went relatively well.  The weights handled are very remedial but my shoulders held up well.  It certainly doesn't feel like there's any damage being done, I think I just have to get over the mental block and start smashing some weights again.

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