Light deadlift day, quickie workout

"Light" deficit deadlifts and light, 'pump-weight' shoulder presses for today, I was short on time at the gym so I got done about 90% of what I would normally do.  Felt fast and strong though.  A nice change from how I normally feel 6 weeks out from a competition.

I was reminded of an old article that had a method based on Prilepin's chart to measure the relative volume and intensity of a workout.  The article found here: creates a formula for totalling up work sets and assigning a value that reflects volume and intensity.  In the past I had tried to structure my workouts based on the guidelines in the article but over the past couple of years, I had moved away from pre-writing my workloads.  After re-reading the article, I decided I will start monitoring my volumes and intensities based on the article's guidelines to see how the values correlate to the actual movement of my PRs.  Intuitively I believe I have been progressing my workloads but verifying with a metric will serve to double-check my work.

Deficit Deadlifts (2" deficit):  315x5, 405x5, 475x5x3 sets

Barbell Shrugs, floor pickup:  475x5x3 sets.

Both the deficit deadlifts and the deadlifts from the floor into shrug position moved quickly.  This volume was not difficult at all.  After reviewing my deadlift workouts from the past three months, it's clear that there is room to increase total workload for my next training cycle. Relative to the squat, I'm not working nearly as hard on the deadlift.

Overhead Press:  135x10, 135x10, 135x5+4+3

These were done with not much rest between sets as I was short on time and needed to get out of the gym.  I burned out very quickly on set three so I turned that set into a myo-rep set.  The subsequent sets of 4 and 3 reps were taken on 15 seconds rest.

After last week's success with my shoulder health, I decided to keep light shoulder day light and push reps.  We'll see if pumping some blood into the shoulders with light weights pays off during Sunday's bench press workout.  If I'm able to hit similar pain-free workloads as last Sunday, I'm going to keep up this pressing scheme on light overhead press day.

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