Performance enhancing drug enhanced workout

On account of a toothache in a wisdom tooth that is long overdue for extraction, I've been taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen twice a day.  The toothache is also a convenient excuse to train under the influence of the vaunted Vitamin I.  Normally I prefer to train un-enhanced so as to better hear my body's stop signs but today, there was no avoiding it.

It was glorious.  Ibuprofen makes my body feel 10 years younger.  No minor aches, no creakiness in the joints, no distractions from exerting as much force as possible.  This is 'light' week which means lighter overall volume in the squats based on working up through heavy singles to a training max and then the customary three back off sets.  Also on the schedule was overhead presses worked on the same scheme.

There are sayings along the lines of, "if you're the strongest guy in the gym, find a new gym" but what about if you're the only guy in the gym?  While Monday may be International Bench Press day with the bros, Tuesdays at the Oakville YMCA must be laundry day because the big boy section of the gym was deserted by 2100 hrs.
Proof that black is slimming.
Squats went extremely well.  My plan was to single up from 405 until I reached a weight that almost made me grind.  My first single with 405 was super easy so I added 15 lbs.  420 and 435 were both also easy so 450 was next.  This felt like a little bit of work but I knew I had more in me so I loaded 460 for my final single.  Even though it came up slightly out of the groove, I had enough in reserve to save it and finish the rep without a grind.  I easily had 470 in my with a perfect rep.  After that, I did three back-off sets at 385 and unlike the workout of April 3, I was able to complete 4 reps on all 3 sets without any hint of failure.  I give the rejuvenating effects of the Ibuprofen credit for both my performance on the singles and my work on the back-off sets with 385.  Without any distractions, I felt super confident and strong.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 315x3, 365x3, 405x1, 420x1, 435x1, 450x1, 460x1, 385x4x3 sets

Overhead presses were also suitably enhanced by the effects of the Ibuprofen and after an easier than ever double with 205, I pressed 225 for the fastest single I have done with that weight.  I loaded a new PR attempt of 235 on the bar.  This press was a grind and one that I, no doubt, would've failed at if I didn't feel invincible.  Instead, I ground it out and finished the press.  Since I've let myself get a little fat over the past month, my bodyweight of 240 meant this was not my first 1x bodyweight overhead press.  I'll have to get a little stronger and/or a little lighter but it will fall soon.

Overhead Press:  135x5, 135x5, 185x3, 205x2, 225x1, 235x1 PR, 185x5, 185x4, 185x4

With my next competition about 6 weeks away, I am contemplating pre-workout Ibuprofen for the rest of my workouts to facilitate the ultimate competition peak.  Hard to say, I'll see how I feel tomorrow after the effects wear off.  If it turns out I'm wrecked, then I'll lay off the stuff for now and just use it at meet time.


  1. Great lifting Craig, not looking forward to getting old hahaha. How many hours until the effects of vit I are noticeable if one were to use it as a preworkout - or would you have to take it all day ?

    1. Thanks Frank! It seems to kick in after a couple hours.

  2. Its' really great that it worked great for you, I highly suggest Ibuprofen to my patients with the same problem.

  3. I'm sure that painkillers will make the pain go away and if you want to rest.

  4. The fact that your lifting weights while you have a toothache is really unbelievable, I wish I can do the same.

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