Deadlift training videos

Since I usually train alone, I rarely have the opportunity to get videos of training lifts.  While I was in St. John's, Tom Kean was gracious enough to video my top two singles of my deadlift workout.  It's always interesting to see video, not only because it's a valuable tool to evaluate form but also because "feel isn't real."  It's true when trying to improve a golf swing (another one of my futile endeavours) and it's true when lifting weights.

My projected opener of 260 kgs felt like I was completely humped over.  It didn't feel heavy, just that I was humped.  Looking at the video, I was humped some but not nearly as much as it felt like.  Since I'm working on pulling with a rounded upper back, seeing the video was a nice confidence builder.

My first heavy-ish single with 240 kgs looked as easy as it felt.

260 kg deadlift

240 kg deadlift

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