Greasing the squat groove

One week out from the Ontario Powerlifting Association Toronto Super Show meet, today was about greasing the squat groove and doing some bench recovery work.

Trained today with my team, Toronto Rex Powerlifting, at Trish and Mark Boyle's home gym.  I also had to take a photo showing off my new Custom BodyworX t-shirt.
When you're my age, 60% of the time, it hurts all the time.
Today was about greasing the squat groove and doing my high rep bench press sets to aid recovery.  After today, I'll have one more squat and bench press workout before the meet next Saturday.  I'll probably also throw in a real low intensity workout just to keep things moving since I don't like to completely take days off prior to meets.  I always feel like a complete de-load pre-meet leaves me feeling de-trained instead of super-recovered come meet day.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 315x5, 385x1, 405x1, 425x1, 385x3.

Depth and form check on the 405 single:

They always feel heavier, slower and more bent over than they really are.  

Bench press repetition sets were routine.  I'm really enjoying being able to bench without pain.   On Tuesday, I'll do work sets at 275 and 295 as well as more squat singles.   Thursday I'll probably do some very easy steady state cardio and some light deadlift speed sets.  After that if I decide to cut to make weight for the 105 kg class, I'll finish prepping for the water cut and spend some time in the steam room and jacuzzi on Friday.  Everything feels pretty good going into the meet.

If I don't cut weight and lift in the 120 kg class, it'll be a good opportunity to compare with my results at the OPA Provincials from January 2011.  In that meet I weighed in at 113.6 kgs and lifted as a 120 kg class lifter and lifted raw.  My top lifts at that meet were:  SQ, 205 kg    BP, 140 kg   DL, 272.5 kg   Total:  617.5 kgs.

Admittedly, progress on all lifts has been relatively slow despite feeling like I have made significant improvements in squat form and have finally resolved a long-standing issue with my shoulders.  I believe my progress has been slowed for a three main reasons.  One, I've been steadily cutting bodyfat since 2008. It's more difficult to gain strength at the same time as one cuts bodyweight so I've been pretty happy with my progress.  Two, my shoulders were injured in August 2010, such that I've only just been able to tolerate pre-injury workloads.  My bench press has recently begun to approach pre-injury levels so I'm hopeful that the next 12 months will bring a new all-time PR.  Three, I converted from mixed grip to hook grip eleven months ago and that has slowed my deadlift progress while I learn to trust the security of the hook grip.  With no worries of bicep tears, I feel like I'll be able to make some great progress in my deadlift in the next year.

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