Light deadlifts, light pressing

Light deadlifts today along with more hook grip conditioning of my thumbs.  Went pretty well except for having to use the low quality bar again.  Had to abandon the hook grip part way through my timed singles because I was on the verge of ripping up my hands.  Finished up with three sets of shrugs (picked up off the floor instead of the rack) to get extra conditioning work in for the core and shoulder girdle.

Deadlifts:  315x3, 405x2, 495x1x7 sets, hook grip for first two singles, strapped up for the rest.  60 seconds between singles.

Shrugs:  405x5x3 sets

High rep (for me) overhead presses and bench presses were next.  These seem to be doing a great job of getting the blood into the shoulders, pecs and arms.  The bro-pump wasn't so bad either.  I was able to do 3x10 in the overhead press for the first time, a nice bonus since I've been on a low-carb diet the past 5 days. Planning on staying low carb till Saturday when I go away with the family for the long weekend.  When I get back from that, I immediately fly out to St. John's for a couple days.  I should have a killer training session (heavy deadlift and bench pressing) with the awesome St. John's crew on Wednesday and then back on the low carb plan for a few more days until the water cutting part of the process a day or two out from the meet.

Overhead presses:  135x10x3 sets
Bench Presses:  135x10, 185x10x3 sets

Pull ups:  6,5,5  slowly getting my strength back for these.   Feeling a little biceps pump...

Face pulls:  55x12x3 sets
Ab wheel rollouts:  15x3 sets

I've never ever made ab work a priority but I've committed to doing something every workout.  There's only so long (45 years) before it gets through my thick skull that every good lifter does ab work.  duh.

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