Peaking for the meet and hook grip work

Back didn't feel great today but good enough to stick with my plan of working up to a heavy deadlift single.  Used the hook grip for all sets today to get in some conditioning for my thumbs.  The gym has been busier now that all the university kids are back from school so I had to use one of the 'regular' bars.  When the Oakville YMCA upgraded their equipment, they got a couple high quality, high strength bars and 4-5 generic olympic bars.  The generic bars aren't marked correctly at the 81 cm mark and are also thicker than the the good bars.  It's pretty typical for lower quality bars to be thicker since the quality of the steel doesn't allow for a thinner bar that resists bending permanently.

The extra millimeter or so in diameter makes a difference when gripping a deadlift and even moreso when one is using the hook grip.  My hook grip wasn't setting like it does on a competition quality bar so I wasn't able to pull from the ground with the speed I would normally use.  Still, I was able to hit my scheduled top single, 20 lbs more than I hook gripped in training prior to my last meet.  I finished up with two lighter singles but my thumbs and back were done.

Deadlift: 315x3, 405x2, 495x1, 545x1, 585x1, 495x1, 405x1

I finished up with pump sets of overhead presses and bench presses.  The high rep work felt great and I'm looking forward to this weekend's bench press workout.  Pull ups are getting better although I'm still so weak, the sets feel like maximum efforts.  Face pulls and ab wheel rollouts finished everything up.  Looking forward to lower volumes of higher intensity weights in the last few weeks till the meet.  I feel strong, just need to fully recover.

Overhead press:  135x10, 135x10, 135x8
Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10x3 sets
Pull ups:  5,4,4 go shi shi (I didn't)

Face pulls:  50x15x3 sets
Ab wheel rollouts:  3 sets of 10

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