Shoulders are feeling awesome

I ended up missing my 'light' deadlift day on Friday because I was laid up in bed with a particularly bad case of heartburn.  It seems strange but every few months, I get such a bad attack that I can do nothing but curl up in a ball and hope it goes away.  It usually lasts less than 30-45 minutes but each minute is painful torture.  What I really need to do is keep some medicine around but since it doesn't happen very often, I forget until the next time I'm laid up in bed.

It was a deload week anyways so I didn't miss much by getting some extra rest.  I played golf with Vivian and her parents yesterday so my lower back got a good workout from walking and carrying my 25lb golf bag.  It helped that I broke 90 (87) for the first time this year and got to drink a beer.  The beer actually settled my stomach that was still feeling the effects of the previous night's terrible heartburn attack.
Vivian teeing off, she played well too, shot 92
 I was hoping that with a fresher lower back from not deadlifting that I'd be able to set a new front squat PR.  I ended up not doing that but I got in some good work anyways.  I actually failed at my first attempt with 295 (10 lbs below my PR) because I hit the safety bars at the bottom of my squat and lost my balance.  I reloaded the bar and ended up doing it for two more singles before two more back-off sets with 225.

Front squats:  135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x1, 295x0, 295x1, 295x1, 225x5, 225x4

I moved to bench presses next and the plan was to single up to a training max and then back off for three work sets.  My shoulders are feeling great and it finally feels like I can work hard at the bench press again.  It's probably too close to my next meet to really reap the benefits of being able to train properly again but I'll be shooting for some all-time raw PR's by the time I compete again near the end of November.

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 255x1, 285x1, 305x1, 315x1, 275x3, 275x3, 275x3.

All singles were paused and done without benefit of a lift-off so I'm pretty happy with them so far.  Hopefully I'll be good for 319-325 at the meet on June 3.

Since my shoulders have been feeling so good lately, I decided to try to do some ring pull ups.  Before, when my shoulders were hurting, I wasn't able to do any vertical pulls because my shoulders hurt when in the dead hang position.  Today, they felt fine and I was finally able to do some pull ups.  I've never been good at them and right now I'm woefully weak but just being able to do them again is a great step in the right direction.  After three sets of pull ups, I finished with face pulls supersetted with dead hangs from some rock climbing finger holds, and some decline crunches.

Ring pull ups:  5,3,3
Face pulls 50x15x3 sets supersetted with dead hangs from fingerholds
Decline crunches:  15, 10

I'm going to start trying to hit the core harder since it's a weak point that's hurting my front, back squats and probably my deadlift.


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