Spotted/loaded then had a workout of my own

The 100% Raw Powerlifting federation held their Ontario Provincials today and I volunteered to help Barry McEvoy with the morning session.  Luckily there were many volunteers so I only had to spot and load the first two flights of squats.  The lifting was excellent and there were many new lifters hitting the platform for the first time.  Some had first meet jitters but all seemed to be having a great time.  Hopefully they will all be back in the future to test themselves on the platform.

After the morning session concluded at approximately 1:45pm, I had an appointment to meet with Adam Taylor of  I knew Adam from when I was a personal trainer and Fitness Manager at the Parkview Goodlife location.  Adam knew my story of coming back from obesity and resuming my powerlifting hobby in my 40's and when he started up his apparel company wanted to add me to his list of sponsored athletes.  He has a very unique philosophy with respect to who he chooses to represent his brand, he's not looking solely for top athletes but also 'regular' folks that have stepped outside their comfort zone and achieved special things.  I'm flattered and honoured that he feels my story is worthy of his vision.

One of the things Adam is doing to promote his brand is create a series of web tv episodes.  He wanted to profile me in one of his upcoming web clips so we met today so he could video one of my workouts.  My workout today was squat assistance (Front Squats) and bench presses.  While I usually workout at the Oakville YMCA or at Toronto Rex Powerlifting headquarters at the Boyle's house, today we were meeting at "the dungeon"--probably the only Goodlife location in Toronto that still caters to the serious lifter.  Whereas most Goodlife clubs have remodeled to a more 'sedentary member' friendly decor with faux woodgrain accents and carpet, "the dungeon" still looks like the type of grungy iron filled chamber you might find back in the late 1980's or early 90's.

As soon as I stepped on the 'free weight' floor, I was transported back to my days training in Gold's Gym in Venice.  Not that "the dungeon" resembles Gold's Gym but the atmosphere was similar.  The only thing missing was the familar clang of iron plates.  Turns out, one of the things they did replace with a recent Goodlife "freshing up" was all the oldschool iron plates.  Now all the plates are plastic coated--they are still round though.

I don't know if it was the atmosphere, the fact my workout was being taped, or because I was still fired up from watching so many lifters hit PR's at the meet but my workout today was excellent.  My work sets of front squats were very easy, my form hasn't felt this good ever.  I purposely dialed the volume and intensity  back a bit since the meet is close but it still felt very comfortable.

Bench presses were next and despite the bench being very slick and not being able to get much useful leg drive, my heavy singles and work sets were also easier than last week.  Being able to train my upper body hard feels good.  It feels like I'm a 'bro' again.

Since "the dungeon" has an excellent dumbbell selection, I decided to do dumbbell rows.  The Oakville YMCA is limited to 100 lb dumbbells so after a while rows get boring.  "The dungeon" has 150 and 160 lb dumbbells.  I used straps to hold the 150 lb dumbbell and had some fun doing some (heavy for me) rows.

I finished up with one set of preacher curls because I happened to see a piece of equipment I hadn't seen in 20 years, a standing preacher curl bench.  Normally you see the ones where there's a bench to sit on but the standing ones were so much better since you could face 'backwards' and let your arms hang vertically.  Doing preacher curls that way (called 'spider curls') always led to an incredible burn and subsequent epic pump.  Back in the bro days, those things were gold for finishing an arm day.  Out of nostalgia, I had to do one set.  It was probably the first set of preacher curls I've done in 20 years but it was fun.

Front Squats:  135x10, 185x5, 225x5x5 sets

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 255x3, 285x1, 300x1, 315x1, 275x3x3 sets

Dumbbell Rows:  115x5, 150x5, 150x7, 150x7

Spider curls: 50x10

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