Got in a session with the team

Since Vivian and I are playing golf tomorrow on account of the long weekend (Canada Day) here, it gave me a chance to get over to the Boyle's for a training session with my Toronto Rex Powerlifting Club teammates.  My plan today was to continue training weak lifts and get in work that doesn't aggravate my rapidly healing leg/back.

I had planned on going much heavier and harder on my first exercise, stiff legged deadlifts with a snatch grip but my hamstrings were too tight from yesterday's squats and leg presses so I just did some light sets to try to loosen them up.

Since I never have a 'camera-person' for training sessions, I decided to take advantage of having training partners today and film myself doing barbell rows.  While they felt fairly sloppy with alot of heaving, they don't look too bad on video.  As I fatigue, it's pretty obvious how I get progressively more upright.  Barbell rows, like leg presses, are another exercise I don't like to do and subsequently suck at doing them.  Thus, they'll stay in the rotation until further notice.
Barbell Rows, 225x8, never seen myself do these before.

I worked on some bench presses; my back was still intolerant of letting me set up with my feet on the floor so I did them with my feet on the bench.  Pressing without any leg drive sucks.  It makes it very apparent how much I depend on my legs and my lats for speed off the chest.  When I press with a flat back and no leg drive, I get no 'blast' off the chest and the repetitions turn into a 'bodybuilder-esque' constant tempo/constant tension type of set.  Hopefully the silver lining is some useful adaptation that will carryover to my competition bench once I'm able to get back into a correct set-up.

SLDL:  135x10x3 sets, hamstrings too tight and sore to progress further
Barbell Rows:  95x10, 185x10, 205x8, 225x8, 225x8
Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 225x8, 225x7, 225x5  feet up on the bench to take stress off my back
Weighted Back Extensions:  53x10x2 sets, used 24kg kettlebell for weight

Training with the team is always good fun. Mark cracked me up with a, "time to get serious" during my third set with 225. I had gotten the first 4 reps and was taking a couple breaths before trying to get a couple more reps when he threw out the encouragement.  Not expecting to hear anything, I lost it and started laughing.  He pulled the bar off me and after a 10 second rest, was able to get another rep.  I guess training alone with the sole company of headphones as made me unaccustomed to training partner encouragement.   That and I think I was embarrassed to need encouragement with 225 lbs.

Mark hit a nice chin-up PR with 22 reps and Tannis brushed up her bench press form.  She's looking to qualify for Provincials and only needs to add about 70 lbs to her total.  Since she's just scratching at the surface of her potential, it should be well within her capacity to hit that at her next meet in August.  I found out she had been deadlifting with a double overhand grip, no chalk.  Just fixing that piece alone for her next competition will find at least 25 lbs.

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