Gotta get serious about dropping bodyweight

After last meet's under-achievement due to the decision to cut weight before my 2 hr weigh-in, I decided that I needed to drop my 'walking around weight' so my training lifts would more accurately reflect an expected meet performance.  The more practical benefit would be reduced wear and tear on my body from carrying less unnecessary weight.

Prior to the meet, I was walking around at 242 lbs, give or take a couple.  As of today, I'm 239 give or take a couple.  My weight has fluctuated over the past 12 months or so, dropping as low as 231 and going as high as 250.  Based on my past, it seems my body wants to hover around 240 lbs so my goal right now is to try to drop that 'hover point' to 230 or less.  Since the weight class limit is 105 kgs or 231 lbs, 230 lbs or less would be ideal from a competitive standpoint even if it's still too high for someone 5' 9" to carry into middle age.

If I were motivated by appearance, it would be easy to take progress pics and motivate myself with dreams of visible abs.  Unfortunately, I have no desire to make a public spectacle of myself in that way so it'll have to be a matter of faith that I look appropriately sloppy as one would expect 5' 9" and 240 lbs of 15-20% bodyfat to look.

I will be tracking my scale weight and my measurements since I've found in the past that as long as my waist/hip measurements drop faster (relatively speaking) than my arm measurements, it's usually a sign I'm losing more bodyfat than lean mass.

As of tonight, my measurements are:

as of 6/21/2012

in inches Right Left n/a

forearm (flexed) 13.25 13
upper arm (flexed) 17.5 17.38
waist (belly button)
waist (hip bones)
thigh 27 27
calves 16 15.75

I'll redo measurements when my weight drops to 230.

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