Training is improving, body weight is dropping.

As an experiment, Vivian and I decided to cut out gluten containing foods while we try to drop some body weight.  While I know that I am not sensitive to gluten, we hadn't ruled that out for Vivian so it seemed like a good time to eliminate it to see if she noticed any changes.  So far she hasn't noticed anything after about three weeks gluten free but I've observed an interesting benefit.  All the foods I uncontrollably overeat contain gluten:  pasta, pizza, hamburgers, cakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts.  Not eating any of those things has really helped with my weight loss goals.  Prior to the meet on June 2, my walking around weight was 242-245.  Right now it's 235-237 so I'm on my way to my intermediate goal of a 225-228 walking around weight.  I'd love to eat a pizza or a couple or three hamburgers or half a dozen doughnuts but I'm pretty motivated to get my weight down so it's been relatively easy to avoid so far.

Comedian John Pinette pretty much channels the voice in my head that commands me to eat foods with gluten.

My left leg is feeling better by the day and as best as I can tell, it's virtually back at full strength.  For the first time since before the injury, my squat warmup sets felt fast and coordinated.  Having a left leg with a sudden, significant weakness in the glute, hamstrings and calves really messes with squat form proprioception and I'm glad it seems that I can finally get past that awkward stage.

I did make a minor adjustment to my squat form today. Instead of the traditional low bar position, I worked with a medium bar position.  To be honest, prior to a few months ago, I always thought there were only two positions, high and low bar.  However, powerlifting great, Joe "Ironman" Norman released an ebook called, "Squat like a Powerlifter" that he was giving away for free during the first few days of publication (it's still a great value as a $0.99 kindle edition) and in the ebook, he described three bar positions.  His description certainly made sense and explained why you see so many multiply squatters with a bar position other than the traditional low bar hold.

The medium position is simply a position between holding the bar high on the traps like an oly lifter and low on the rear delts. For me, it feels like the bar is just above the shelf created by the spine of the scapula.  I decided to work with this position for a couple reasons.  The most proximate reason was my left shoulder hurt when holding the bar in the low bar position.  Avoiding pain is an easy to understand motivation.  However, if I didn't think there was a functional benefit, I would've probably just gutted it out.  Instead, I decided that after seeing pictures and videos of my recent competition squats, that I would likely benefit by using a squat form that allowed for a more upright torso.  My poundages may take step backwards until I become accustomed to the form but I believe it will allow me to more effectively use my legs and hips.

Overall today's workout went well, I was able to add some extra squat work and I hit a new rep PR in the leg press.   I still hate the leg press but I'm slowly getting better at it.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5x4 sets
Overhead Presses:  135x5x3 sets
Leg Press:  450x10, 540x10, 630x7 (PR)
Incline Dumbbell Press:  75x10, 90x8, 90x7  I set the incline a little higher today, 45* instead of 30* to hit the shoulders harder.
Ab Crunch Machine:  45x10, 90x10, 90x6, 70x6, 70x6, 45x8
Dumbbell Curls:  40x8, 40x6, 40x6


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