Building up training volume and a review of my 1992 training log

While rooting around in the basement looking for an old pair of B&O headphones I thought I still had
(I didn't), I found my training log from 1992.  1992 was a significant year because it was the last year I competed (I moved to Toronto in October 1993) and it was the year I pulled 644 lbs, to this day my all-time PR deadlift (done raw with a belt).  Since I couldn't remember what I did to build up my deadlift to that level--a level I still haven't reached in my 'comeback' since I resumed competition training in late 2007--I was excited to see what I had done.

To say I was surprised or befuddled is a bit of an understatement.  I had nothing at all logged between January and March 8th.  This is not too much of a surprise because I was just over a year into my career with Enterprise Rent A Car and as anyone who has worked for ERAC (now EHI) knows, back in those days, there wasn't a lot of time left in the day after work was done and what time one had was usually spent at happy hour.

My training log started showing training sessions on March 9th but it appears my usual workout schedule was:

Mondays:  Bench Press, bench press assistance work, on average 10 or so work sets total
Tuesdays:  Squat and Deadlift, 3 work sets each exercise

Some weeks there was only one workout, a few weeks there was a third workout that appeared to be light bench press, chins and rows.

That's it.  And some of the weeks I actually noted that I was over-trained--evidenced apparently by a deadlift workout that went poorer than expected. Over about a 6 week period, weights went up and reps went down.  Some weeks I pulled exclusively from a deficit, some weeks I added in a couple sets of low rep rack pulls.  Bench Press progression was similar, simple linear progression along with a few extra sets of close grip presses.

It culminated in a push/pull meet on September 19th where I went (including notes written in my log):

Bench Press:  308 "easy", 325 "easy", 341 miss "very close, stalled near lockout"

Deadlift:  611 "easy", 633 "P.R. easy", 644 "P.R. easy, probably had 5-10 lbs, no extra effort at floor or hips"

I didn't log my bodyweight at weigh-in but I know that I was in the 220 lb weight class.   I noted in my log on October 26 that I weighed 226.8 lbs.  I can't remember if I was trying to gain weight or not.  I really can't remember if I really only trained twice a week most of the time and with minimal volume but if I did, it makes me wonder a little bit if I need to revisit my current training schedule.  I'd sure love to find some training logs from prior years.

Anyways, as for today's workout, it was a good volume booster.  None of the weights handled were particularly heavy but it was good to get in some work, although apparently, I was successful in the past without it...

Front Squats:  135x10, 185x5, 225x3x8 sets

Overhead Presses:  135x5x2 sets, 185x3, 185x2x4 sets, 165x3x3 sets    Still hard to overhead press as it tends to twinge my back but it went pretty well.  Ran out of gas on the sets of two so had to drop the weight to finish the planned 8 working sets.

Barbell Rows super-setted with stiff-legged deadlifts:  figured I was already holding the bar so might as well get in some weighted stretching for the hamstrings.  Turned out to be a pretty tough superset even with the relatively light SLDL weight.   I did sets of 5, 5 rows followed by 5 SLDLs.
135x5, 185x5, 235x5x5 sets.


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