Day 2, Week 2, Squat and Deadlift day

I'm starting to realize why I only worked out twice a week back in 1992. Squatting and deadlifting on the same day is tough even if the volume is low.

It's been unseasonably hot and humid in Ontario this week and I felt like not training today. I knew it was just a side-effect of the hot weather so I trudged to the gym knowing that everything would be good once I got into the workout.

I was still working on getting my hips through and keeping my chest higher--tweaking my form yet again and felt like there will be some dividends to reap from this remedial work. I believe it is every over 200 lb man's birthright to raw squat 500 lbs and since I haven't done this yet, I will keep trying to optimize my form until it happens.

Aside from the form changes, I feel like the last 6 weeks of training for my last meet while taking pre-workout ibuprofen masked alot of aches and pains because I've never felt this busted up after a meet for so long. I also trained wearing knee sleeves and I miss their warmth and gentle compression. I'll look forward to re-introducing the knee sleeves when I get into my actual competition training cycles. As for the ibuprofen, I think I'll leave it out until the final 3 weeks if at all.

Squats: 135x10, 225x5, 275x5, 325x5, 325x5, 325x5, 325x4, 325x4

Added an extra set of 4 compared to last week. I still need to get to 5x5 with this weight but it'll happen as I get acclimated to the new form cues. Still humbling to be struggling with 60 lbs less than last meet preps top 5x5 workout.

Deadlift: 315x3, 405x5, 455x5, 455x5

These were difficult after the squats but I like how the cumulative effect of squatting and deadlifting feels.

I woke up this morning another pound lighter at 231.5 lbs so I ate some extra carbs (in the form of sushi) for lunch as I felt I was lightening through depletion rather than from losing bodyfat. I hope to finish the week right at about 231-232 to stay on schedule.

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