Squat and Deadlift day like it's 1992

On the second day of my 'back to 1992' training split I had squats and deadlifts on the schedule.  I can't remember the last time I actually had a training session where I did both on the same day.  In theory it should be an easy day from a volume standpoint because I was only doing two exercises with about 7 or 8 work sets.  In reality, it turned out to be fairly hard even though I'm still using light weights relative to my current competition maxes.

Based on last week's squat workout, I used 325 for my 5 rep work sets.  While my previous 1992 training log suggested that I did 3 work sets in the 'good ol'days', I decided I'd do 4-5 work sets today.  The only other powerlifter that trains at my gym in the evenings happened to be there and gave me some feedback on my form after my third work set.  Keying on the form cues he suggested was difficult but I got through my 4th set.  My rep speed was too slow on rep #5 so I ended the squat workout there.

The form cues he suggested were to get my head back and to get my hips under me faster.  By 'head back' he didn't mean to increase cervical extension by looking up, he wanted me to extend more through the upper back to keep the bar closer to my hips.  With respect to the hips, when he watched my third set, he said it looked like I didn't actively try to get my hips under me until I was nearly at lockout.  I tried to incorporate both these changes in my 4th set and I could feel a difference.  It'll take a few sessions to get used to the new coordination but I'm optimistic it'll make a big difference.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, 325x5x4 sets

Deadlifts were next and since I haven't deadlifted of note since my last competition, I decided I'd just do some work sets at 405.  I had tried to deadlift 405 as a 'light day' shortly after my competition but the back issue and the nerve weakness in my left leg scuttled that idea.  Now that my leg is back to full strength, it was time to start re-building the conditioning.  The sets went well although I did feel some residual fatigue from the squat workout.  I think I'll adapt to this new training split fairly quickly so I should be hitting 500 for sets of 5 within 6 weeks or so.

Deadlifts:  315x3, 405x6, 405x6, 405x7

Even though the entire workout was only 11 sets including warm up sets, it felt like I got some good work in.   I'll be very interested to see how I feel next week.


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