Accessory day, in the morning again

I achieved my goal of making it to the gym this morning but the rest of the session was a whole lot of "meh".

Seemed like my lower back didn't want to loosen up and for some reason, I couldn't keep the bar from slipping off my shoulders during my front squats.  Trying to keep the bar on my shoulders tweaked my right elbow enough that I wasn't able to complete my normal schedule of overhead presses.

I think I'll take the front squats out of the rotation for now and substitute beltless, high-bar pause squats instead.  Finished up with light supersets of barbell hack squats and snatch-grip romanian deadlifts.  I reset the weights to beginner levels to really work on my barbell hack squat technique.  The light weight also worked well as a recovery weight on those romanians.  Overall the intensity and volume for this accessory day was lower than usual but due to the change in routine, it still felt like a valuable session.

Next week, I'm 12 weeks out from my meet so I'll be putting the knee sleeves back on for hard squat days.  If I continue to feel like I need the extra recovery from squat/deadlift day, I'll keep these accessory days on the easier side (load-wise) but start bumping up the repetitions.  It felt good to get some blood flowing and to reinforce the movements.  As the intensity starts building on main lift sessions, the accessory day will probably work best as an active recovery day.

Front Squats:  45x10, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, bar kept slipping off my shoulders, tweaked my elbow, switched to high-bar pause squats.

High Bar pause squats:  225x5x3 sets

Overhead Press: 135x5x2 sets, 165x5, too much elbow pain to continue

Barbell Hack Squats:  135x10x3 sets
Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts:  135x10x3 sets

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