14 weeks out, Bench Presses and Dips

Prior to my shoulder troubles of the past 18 months, I had always included bar dips, weighted and un-weighted, in my routine.  I've always gotten great carryover to my bench press from them and I've been missing them for a long time.  During the time spent letting my shoulders recover to the point where they can now tolerate a decent bench press workout, I've been hoping for the day when they'll also tolerate dips.

Today I tested out some bodyweight dips after my bench press workout and things went well.  There was no pain and I was able to work pretty hard.  My triceps and shoulders were pretty shot from the bench presses but it felt good to dip again.  If I can continue to increase my volume and intensity of my bench press sets and start to include some dipping volume, I am very confident that I'll be able to bench press my goal weight of 150 kgs on November 24.  It wouldn't be an all-time PR but after the shoulder issues I've had, it would mark a return to pre-injury levels.

Bench Press:  135x10, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 265x4, 245x6, 245x5, 245x4, 225x5

My bench press continues to respond well and I was able to complete 265x5 for the top set of my ramped 5's.  I normally would do a total of 7 sets of 5's (or attempted 5's) but I felt so good that I added an extra drop down set after I hit my second fatigue stop at 245x4.

The bench press progression I'm following is ramped sets of 5's, followed by 5's across until the first fatigue stop (when I can't get 5 reps in a set).  I drop the weight one level (20lbs) and do 5's across until the second fatigue stop or I hit 7 total sets of 5's.  If I feel like things aren't stable, I end there, if I still feel good, one more set of 5.  

Dips:  8,7,5

Face Pulls:  50x15x3 sets

Overall a very good workout and feeling very good to be able to put in a decent amount of work on the bench press again.


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