AM bench session and more Titan Ram experimentation

Vivian treated me to an awesome birthday weekend!  First we drove to Simcoe, Ontario, parked the car and unloaded our bikes for a 10K ride into Port Dover.  While in Port Dover, we had foot-long hotdogs at The Arbor and then some french pastries at The Urban Parisian.  After our meal and snack, we rode back to Simcoe, loaded up the car and drove to a great little Bed and Breakfast called the St Johns Bed and Breakfast.    We had a short nap and then drove back into Port Dover to meet our friends, Marnie and Randy at the famous Erie Beach Hotel for some Lake Erie perch.

While I've had perch a couple of times at other places, none compared to the famous Lake Erie perch served at the Erie Beach Hotel.  Very tasty.  Even though they were out of coconut cream pie (my favourite), the meal was still excellent.  The next morning, we were served a delicious breakfast by the St John BnB owners Lucy and Steve and then made our way to the beach at Long Point.  After soaking up some vitamin D, we stopped for ice cream at Twins Ice Cream Parlour in Port Rowan.

Long Point Beach, Long Point, Ontario

After a weekend of eating and relaxing, I was hopeful that the extra bloat would offset any effects due to calendar page turning.  Now officially closer to the start of the M2 age group than M1, I'm prepared to take any concession I can find.

Since I had hit 265x5x3 sets last week, I planned to bump up the top set poundages this week.  My top set and all drop sets after failed to hit the goal of 5 reps.  That means I'll stay with this loading scheme for next few weeks.  After my fifth work set, I started with the Titan Ram.

I'm still getting a feel for how the Ram will assist my training.  Today, my first set of 5 reps with 275 felt okay except for some right shoulder stress.  On my second set with 295, I concentrated on pulling my shoulder blades together hard during the presses and was able to avoid any pain.  I got three reps but failed on the fourth.  After the second set with the Ram, I took it off and finished up with a set of 245x4 and 225x4.  On both sets, my shoulders and triceps were pretty fried.

They were out of gas for the final 3 sets of bar dips as well but there was no pain so everything is still feeling good.  I'm probably going to start doing some light bench pressing on the extra accessory day because it feels like one day of bench pressing a week isn't quite enough.

Bench Press:  95x10. 135x10, 185x5, start work sets, 225x5, 250x5, 275x3, 270x3, 265x3, 265x3

add Titan Ram:  275x5, 295x3, failed on rep 4

Bench Press (no Ram):  245x4, 225x4

Dips:  7, 7, 5

Training bench press in the morning felt pretty good.  Especially nice to avoid the evening crowds since Monday is International Bench Press Day.


  1. Happy Belated Craig!

    Man, you're weekend adventures are always so damn epic. I can't imagine anything better than a B&B -

    Can't wait to see how the RAM helps your bench leading up provincials.


  2. thanks Frank! Congrats on the big 300kg pull! 272.5kg squat is just around the corner for you too!


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