goofing around with McKayla

The "McKayla is not impressed" meme came out a few days ago and resulted in someone creating a tumblr website.  On that website you can download your own cut-out of McKayla to incorporate into your own pictures.

It seemed like fun so I downloaded it and tried to make a few of my own.  At first I just used Microsoft Paint and pasted her image on top of pictures.  After seeing other pictures on the "McKayla is not impressed" website, I decided I needed to learn how to put her into pictures, not just on top of them.

I don't have any image editing programs like Photoshop but the Chrome apps page has a program called "Pixlr Editor" that I've been trying to use.  It's been a challenge but at least I figured out how to kind of put her into pictures.  I don't have a real idea yet on how to try to match up colouring and shadowing to better match the original picture but it'll be fun to learn.  One thing I've discovered, my wireless MS mouse is not precise enough to edit pictures so I've had to use the trackpad on my laptop.  That is some tedious work. 
McKayla is not impressed by Best Lifters
First attempt, MS Paint, just pasted on top
McKayla is not impressed by first place.
                         Just using MS Paint to put her on top of a photo, flipped the image too. 

McKayla is not impressed by my equipped DL PR.
                          Used "Pixlr Editor" in Chrome browser and tried to blur a little to match  

McKayla is not impressed with curling in the squat rack
                                                 Used "Pixlr Editor" in Chrome browser

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