Supplemental day, 15 weeks out

Next week will be the 14th week out from the Ontario Powerlifting Association Classic Championships on November24th.  It seems like a long way out but time flies so I decided I should create a plan.  Since I still have alot of work to do building a base of strength, I'm going to use a fairly simple progression of 5's, 3's in the squat and 2's in the deadlift and 2's in the squat and 1's in the deadlift, spending about 4 weeks on each progression.  I'm not plugging in any percentages until the final week when I work up to my openers.  To determine weights to use, I'm going to use a version of the Doug Young methodology where he simply did as many reps as possible his final set and based on how many reps he exceeded his nominal rep goal, he added 5lbs for each rep.

As an example, if I'm on a 5's week in the squat, if on my 5th set, I do 7 reps with the weight, I'll add 10 lbs to the weight used for the next workout.  Similar process if I'm on singles or doubles except that I'll add 10 lbs per extra rep instead of 5 lbs. I'm also going to ramp as necessary instead of doing all sets at the same weight but the last set will always determine the next workout's final set.

As for today's supplemental workout, not much to say other than I got in some reps, as Tiger Woods likes to say.  Like Tiger's performance in the Majors this year, the reps weren't very good.   Everything felt sore and never loosened up.  I decided to heed that signal and cut my workout by about a third.

I also decided that I need to incorporate some general conditioning work into my schedule.  It should improve my ability to perform and recover from my workouts and it will also help with my continuing weight loss goals.  I'll probably utilize kettlebell work along with some running intervals.  This kind of 'exercise' is my least favourite thing to do but I know that after I start seeing its benefits with my strength training workouts, I'll be more motivated to be excited about it.

Front Squat:  135x10, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 245x3x2 sets

Box Squat:  135x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x5  below parallel box, still working on cueing hip thrust out of the hole

Overhead Press:  135x5, 135x5, 165x5, 185x3

Barbell Hack Squat:    135x10, 185x8
Barbell Row:               135x10, 185x8
SLDL:                         135x10, 185x10   These were done as a giant set.  Ran out of time and energy so only did two instead three.  meh.


  1. Hi this is DLiebster. I'm with you on the "least favourite thing to do" side of conditioning. I do spint 8 interval 3 x a week, and hate it every time. I know I dont lift much, but these 18 minute session are the most grueling thing I do. I can barely walk after a session. I did it for about 3 months end of last year, and got off Cholesterol and BP meds because of it(nothing else had changed lifestyle wise).
    Picked it up again after moving this early this year and so far have lost at least 35 lbs of fat so far this year. The author of the type I do cites a university study that showed a 5x increase in GH levels in the subjects that did this type of workout.(cant eat anything for two hours after workout, as insulin kills GH production). So thats why I push my self to do them. This is opposed to lifting days, where I cant wait to get to the gym!

    1. Hi Dan, that's the type of result I'm looking for, I've known that doing conditioning work has carryover benefit to my strength workouts, just never actually manned up and did it and it's about time that I get serious about it.

      A couple years ago when I was working as a personal trainer, I did conditioning work because it was convenient as I was always at the gym and had access to different modalities and when I look back, my lifts also progressed well at that time. Since then, the one thing that's changed has been a lack of extra work. Maybe not coincidentally, some of my lifts have stagnated as well and I've suffered through more joint pains and minor injuries than before.

      Other than not liking it, it's definitely one of those things that doesn't have a downside so I've got to do it. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it makes me more motivated than ever to get back on the program.

  2. Hey Craig, can't wait till OPA Provincials!

    Two things - first: KB swings are excellent for conditioning as well as for really hammering hip thrust motion. During my conditioning phase I like to do 3 or 4 sets of 30 swings with a 20-24kg bell. Very humbling.

    Second: did you have to apply for your record on the OPA site from the supershow?

    Enjoying your log as always - cheers!

    1. Hi Frank,

      After North Bay are you going to lift at Classic Provincials? Are you lifting at 93kg in North Bay?

      I did have to apply and pay to register that record. Philosophically I have an issue with the concept of paying to register a record but I decided I might as well get in the book at least once. I still had to pay another $5 to get a record certificate. The "pay to register" thing is stupid because there are many performances in the CPU lifter's database that exceed current records but who wants to pay $65 every time they break one? I'd be more in favour of counting all performances that meet record criteria as records but increasing the fees for certificates if it really costs the CPU that much money to update a list.

      My record would've actually been a national record too but I didn't advise the scorers table to have the required number of national level referees. I wasn't too concerned because there are only about 6 competitors in the country in my age and wt class. The current records (mine included) are low enough in the grand scheme of things that it's more of a 'tallest midget' contest rather than any achievement that stands out as being excellent.


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