A busy Labour Day weekend and Bench Press, 11 weeks out

Had a great Labour Day long weekend with Vivian.  On Saturday, we decided to do the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail, approx 32 kms there and back on our mountain bikes.  It was a good thing I had some padded bike shorts because my rear end still felt pummeled by the end of the ride. This was easily the longest stretch of steady state cardio I can remember doing in the past 25 years.  The only other time I can remember riding a bike that distance was when I used to ride my 12-speed road bike from my apartment in West L.A. to Venice and down the beach path to Manhattan Beach and back.  That was an easier ride, being paved the whole way and riding a road bike with toe clips.

Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail
a really great ride

Sunday, Vivian and I played 18 holes of golf at the Oaks of St. George, a slightly hilly, really nice little track just outside of Brantford.  We both walked while pushing our bags on trolleys.  Even without carrying a bag, just walking on the uneven terrain after the previous day's 5+ hr cycling trip proved to be a challenge. We played pretty consistently despite the aches, pains and fatigue as Vivian shot 45/45 and I shot 44/44.

This morning I woke up with a sore back and some sore, dead legs but I hoped it wouldn't affect my scheduled bench press session.  Everything above the waist felt pretty good so I was looking forward to a much shorter workout of a higher intensity.

I was very surprised and glad to find out that the previous two days of long duration, steady-state cardio didn't adversely affect my bench pressing.  While I didn't add any repetitions to the 275 lb level, each repetition was faster than last week's efforts.  I also made some good progress with the Titan Ram and was able to increase both the intensity and the volume.

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 250x5, 275x3x3 sets
add Titan Ram:  295x5, 295x4, 295x4
Bench Press (no Ram):  250x3, 225x5

Dips:  8,6,7

I'm starting to get a feel for how the Titan Ram will benefit my raw benching.  In addition to facilitating overload repetitions and extra triceps work, I'm finding it's helping optimize my leg drive.  Since the Ram takes off some of the load at the bottom of the press, it gives me a little more margin of error for timing the leg drive off the chest.  I noticed my legs fatiguing significantly more when doing the reps with the Titan Ram than when I did reps with 275.  I'm already looking forward to next week's bench press session to see if I can transfer that more effective leg drive to my work sets with 275 lbs.

Finally, on a note unrelated to this weekend's activities, anyone remember that old Roy Scheider movie, "Blue Thunder"?  In that movie, they gave a hat with the acronym, "JAFO" to that movie's equivalent of the Star Trek red shirt.  It stood for "Just Another F*cking Observer".
from:   http://thomaspluck.com/2008/07/01/jafo-blue-thunder-still-rocks/ 

I thought the acronym, "JAFIE" should be given to the internet forum posters that have never accomplished anything other than reading books and searching Pub Med yet feel compelled to give training advice and write idiotic comments on YouTube videos.  "Just Another F*cking Internet Expert"

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