Squat doubles and speed deadlifts, 9 weeks out

If I were 6 weeks out from the meet, this week would've been the first session of squat doubles.  Now that I'm 9 weeks out due to an apparently very controversial decision to reschedule the provincial classic championships, I decided to stay on my former schedule for this week and use the sessions as an opportunity to evaluate my progress so far.  Even though the new date of the meet is far less than ideal, the extra three weeks is a nice buffer to throw in a 'do over' week or two if I've managed to mess something up (like my diet, thanks to far too much Thanksgiving eating).

My plan for today was to work up to five sets of two in the squat.  I ended up going up to a top set of 425x2.  This represents about 93% of my 1 RM from the last meet.  I decided not to push any higher because I wanted to get acclimated to handling heavier reps with my revised squat form.  After my fifth set of two, I did three sets of three with 84% to work on speed and technique.  These went well and I'm looking forward to an extra couple weeks of training to really dial in the new squat groove.

Squat:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt 315x3, 365x2, 385x2, 405x2, 425x2, 425x2, 375x3, 375x3, 375x3

Speed deadlifts (3 sets of 465x3) went very well.  My goal for today was to re-commit to a better start position and initiate the pull with my weight closer to my heels.  As I thought it would, the bar stayed against my shins and my speed off the floor was much better.

Deadlifts:  315x3, 405x3, add belt, 465x3, 465x3, 465x3

After the heavy-ish squat work and the speed deadlifts, my posterior chain was beat.  I'm  pretty happy about that since I've been trying to get better hip involvement in both my squat and deadlift.  Now, I just have to work off the remnants of the Thanksgiving weekend bloat.

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