Accessory work and conditioning

Final session of the week is accessory work and lately, some conditioning.  Last week I got on a concept2 rower for the first time in about a year and did a 2000m test.  I was able to get through it in 8:15 but didn't push it too hard because I wanted to finish.

This time I decided to try to push a little and see if I could improve on that time while testing myself a bit.  I did the first 500m at a faster pace, cruised through the next 1000m at last week's pace, and attempted to finish the last 500m at my original starting pace.  When I finished I had improved my time to 7:50:02 and was pretty gassed.  My heart rate at the finish was 164 bpm and it didn't drop much after 3 minutes of rest--to only 136 bpm.  That's a sign I definitely need to continue some conditioning work to improve my cardiovascular efficiency.

After the 2000m test, I was pretty tired and my legs felt dead so I started with bench presses instead of squats.  3 sets of 5 with 235 was a good 'speed rep' workout.  I'm looking forward to my heavy bench session on Tuesday as I plan on trying out the negative only activation reps again.

High bar squats were next and my legs felt much better after some extra rest.  Again, the goal is reps for speed but at a light enough weight to not impact recovery for next week's heavy squat session.  I finished up with some leg extensions and leg curls just because I felt like it.

concept2 rower:  2000m in 7:50:02, ending heart rate, 164 bpm

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 235x5x3 sets

High Bar Squat:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5x3 sets

Leg Curl:  130x8, 110x6, 90x8, 70x8  descending set
Leg Extension:  130x10, 150x10, 170x8

Afterwards, Vivian and I went grocery shopping and I saw these on the shelf:

papaya balls
Papaya Balls in syrup
Just seemed weird to see 'balls' in syrup, "extra juicy and plump" ones at that.  Maybe it's a Halloween season thing but I bet seeing balls in a jar makes Lance Armstrong wince a little.


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