3000 calorie lunch for a little challenge

Like many other guys just starting out lifting weights, I wanted to be bigger.  Then the priorities changed to bigger and stronger, and finally now I'd just like to be stronger and less bigger.  Because I was a fat kid, I've always had an appetite so gaining weight was never a caloric intake challenge.  That part of the process came very easily.  In fact, eating has always been fun for me.  Emotionally comforting at times and just plain enjoyable all the time.  An article by Matt Foreman, called, "Screw Nutrition" nails my eating philosophy right between the eyes.  Relevant excerpt below:

"You can do whatever the hell you want, and that includes disagreeing with this post. Your life is yours, and mine is mine. I advise you to eat with willpower if you want to be a successful lifter. That’s my recommendation as an athlete and a coach. But I also don’t think you should eliminate happiness from your eating. That’s my recommendation as a human being. We only get one shot at this thing…life. Personally, I want mine to be fun."

I also get that there are plenty of people that didn't develop huge appetites for whatever reason and struggle to gain weight.  They become the audience for articles like "Twelve Steps to Getting Big" or "Eating Through the Sticking Points."  So in the spirit of articles designed to create fun for those that don't find eating large quantities fun, I decided to try a little challenge.  

A website that hosts training logs of some local lifters, www.manhavenproject.com, recently had a comment thread that included an informal challenge of sorts.  6 McDonald's McDoubles in under 10 minutes.  Not an insurmountable load by any means, just a big meal.  The kind of big meal that one should be able to tolerate fairly easily if gaining bodyweight somewhat quickly was a priority.  Since my normal lunch is 3 of them anyways and I've been known to eat large quantities on occasion, I decided to give it a go.

I bought 6 McDoubles, 2 caramel baked pies (because I like them) and a large diet coke (because I like the taste of diet coke better than regular coke).  I set my timer for 10 minutes and this is what happened:

6 McDoubles in 5 minutes and 12 seconds.  The caramel baked pies were eaten a few minutes later but I took my time and enjoyed them.  I wasn't racing but I wasn't taking my time either.  It actually gave me an appreciation for what competitive eaters do. I really couldn't have eaten the burgers much faster and wouldn't have wanted to.  Eating them that fast took alot of the fun out of it as it was.  

And for those counting calories, the total for the sandwiches and pies was 3000 calories even.  142 g of protein, 278 g of carbohydrates, 150 g of fat.  (All figures from McDonald's website).  I was full but not uncomfortably so. In fact I ate my customary afternoon snack of a cup of mixed nuts (trail mix) as per normal.

I would be able to eat dinner too but I'll skip it since I have no desire to gain weight.  But, it's easy to see how I could eat 5000-6000 calories a day without really trying.  

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