7 weeks out, hard deadlifts, easy squats

I decided to adjust my poundages for tonight's workout.  Instead of using 75% of my 1 RM for 5 sets of 3 in the squat, I upped the weight to 78% or 355 lbs.  Since I had moved my heavy triples in the squat so well last week, I decided that on easy squat week, that I'd increase the intensity a little bit, knowing that I wouldn't likely be sacrificing any bar speed.

Another factor in my decision was that I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with my improved squat technique and I wanted to increase the loading a bit in order to take advantage of better mechanical efficiency.  My  5 sets of 3 with 355 lbs were all fast and very comfortable.  I felt like there was just a bit of residual fatigue going into my scheduled heavy doubles in the deadlift but the eventual carryover from better hip involvement will pay off in time.

Deadlifts were originally scheduled to be 4 sets of 2, ramped but I could tell after my second set that I didn't have enough in the tank for that.  Instead, I did a heavy single and then a back-off set at 70% for 8 reps.  I noticed that I had been letting my weight shift forwards towards my toes on the initial pull so I concentrated on pushing from the heels.  At 70% of my 1 RM, the weight was light enough that I could work on technique while still needing to put out some effort.  By the time I made it to repetition number 6, I knew I was going to push for all 8 reps.  The last two reps were hard and my glutes and hamstrings were on fire.  By the last rep, my abs and obliques were starting to cramp at lockout.  It was a tough final set but I got in some much needed technique work.

Squats: 135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x3, 355x3x5 sets

Deadlift:  315x5, 405x3, 495x2, 545x2, 565x1, 435x8

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