5 weeks out, sore-backed deadlifts

I finally got a chance to make it out to the T-Rex garage to join the team for a workout.  While it was awesome catching up and training with a group, my plans on deadlifting with some volume and intensity were scuttled as soon as a decently heavy weight revealed my sore back was also a slow back.

Interestingly, after the last meet, I anticipated this training period would lead to a new deadlift PR and I looked forward to lots of heavy pulling.  What I didn't plan for was improving my squat groove and being able to train without any shoulder pain.  I've always been a terrible bench presser and a bad squatter and the relative improvements I've been seeing in the past few months have greatly increased my enthusiasm for those training sessions.  Since I've never liked the deadlift anyways, it's been easy to push it to the background while I make up ground with my two, much poorer, lifts.

As it stands now, I'm looking forward to meeting or exceeding my old squat numbers with my improved form and recovering lost pounds in the bench press as I finally seem to be getting back to my pre-injury numbers.  I always seem to have a 600 lb pull available by the meet but I don't expect to be taking a run at exceeding my all-time PR (644 lbs) anymore.  Still, with modest improvement in my squat and hitting some projected numbers in the bench press, I can still improve my raw total with a 275 kg pull.  And if I'm feeling extra jiggy, that leaves room for an attempt at a 285 kg pull, a 5 kg improvement over my last meet.

I also finally remembered to pick up my Ontario Powerlifting Association deadlift record certificate from Mark Boyle, the records chairperson.  I'll file it with my university diploma in the file named, "pieces of paper I've paid for" (actually not 100% accurate since my parents paid for my education).
record certificate
What it doesn't say is there have only been 9 competitors in my age/wt class since the new wt classes were introduced in 2011.
Deadlifts:  135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 400x3, add belt, 495x2, 545x1, 495x3

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 225x10x3 sets

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