3 weeks out, Squat day and new lifting shoes

The Adidas Canada site had a nice sale on some older models of weightlifting shoes and with free shipping and $15 off for signing up for their newsletter, it was too good a deal to turn down on a new pair of Adidas Power Perfect 2 weightlifting shoes. My current pair of lifting shoes, Kanama weightlifting shoes, had been in use for over 3 years and had gotten a little loose.  I originally bought them to use with some orthotic insoles but I stopped using them because the insoles didn't meet the IPF equipment requirements for removeable insoles.  From the IPF technical rule book section on shoes:

  "Loose inner soles that are not part of the manufactured shoe shall be limited to one centimeter thickness"

My orthotic inserts were more than a centimeter thick at the heel.  After taking them out of my lifting shoes, because they had already broken in to fit my foot with the orthotics inside,  my shoes always felt a little too loose.  It was a very minor issue but when the opportunity came up to get a new pair for less than $100 including tax, shipped to my door, the time was right.

My old Kanamas have a wooden mid-sole so there's no give and zero shock absorption. The Power Perfect 2's have a high density foam midsole that doesn't deform under load but gives just enough that it doesn't feel like you're walking in wooden clogs.  I'm not concerned in the slightest with the midsole support since Dan Green wears them and squats over 800 lbs.  If they're sturdy enough for him, they're more than good enough for me.  All I know is they're much more comfortable to wear in between lifts and that makes a nice difference.  Fit is also very good. I had read they run about half a size large and I would say that's accurate.  I bought a half size less than I usually wear figuring if they're tight even better.  Turns out they fit well, not hockey skate tight but tight enough that there was no movement inside the shoe when I was squatting tonight.

kanama weightlifting shoes
my old pair of Kanama weightlifting shoes

Adidas Power Perfect 2
my new pair, Adidas Power Perfect 2
Although the heel height on the Power Perfect 2's measures the same as my Kanamas, when I'm wearing them it feels slightly lower.  I'm thinking it must be due to steeper slope of the midsole on the Kanamas.  In any case, the feel of the Power Perfect 2's heel height was excellent.  Whereas it always felt like I was squatting downhill in the Kanamas, with my new shoes, it felt like I was rooted solidly in one place with no tendency for my weight to shift to my toes.

While it may not have been the wisest move to change shoes only 3 weeks out from a meet, I was confident it wouldn't negatively affect my very mediocre squatting.  Turns out I had a very good session even with getting used to the feel of new squatting shoes.

Squat:  135x10, 225x10, 275x5, add belt, 315x3, add wrist wraps, 365x3, 405x1, 440x1, 440x1, 440x1, 405x2, 405x2, 405x2, 405x2, 405x5 (I think that's a rep PR with 405)

The singles with 440 represent what I think I'll be opening with at the meet.  They felt okay but my speed wasn't great because I was tentative on the descent and in the hole while getting used to the feel of my new shoes.  The doubles with 405 got progressively faster as I started to feel confident with my squat groove.  The last set was not quite an AMRAP set as I left a rep in the tank but I'm pretty sure I've never gotten 5 reps with 405 before.  Next week, I'll move the 440 alot faster and decide if that's where my opener will stay.

I finished up with a rolling DB tricep extension/DB curl superset to hit some bench accessory work and to leave the gym with a brotastic arm pump.

Rolling DB tricep extensions:  45x10, 52.5x10, 52.5x10
DB curls:  45x8, 52.5x5, 52.5x5


  1. Hi Craig! I just happen to google these weight lifting shoes and the picture that I clicked on was the one from your blog! (this is JP RIchard btw).
    I was wondering how you like the shoes, I'm looking for something that has a good grip on the platform carpet to allow me to get some leg drive as I bench. This would permit me to have one less pair of shoes if I could use the same for squat and bench.

    Also I have flat and wide feet...how do you find the width of the shoe?


    1. Hi JP, I've always benched in my squat shoes and these have better grip than my old pair of kanamas. It may just be because they're newer but they feel better because the shape of the sole fits me better. I think if you ordered them in the size you normally wear that they'd be fine. I was looking for a very tight fit and going half size lower didn't make them tight, just snug (my feet are D width). They haven't loosened up in the 10 months I've been wearing them but I only squat and bench in them, I don't do any weightlifting so the wear on them has been pretty mild.

  2. Solid lifts. I wasn't familiar with the Kanamas, but it doesn't surprise me that the Adidas worked out so well for you. Still using them now?

  3. The power perfects are a great shoe. Are you still using them?


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