3 weeks out, deadlift and bench accessory

It was a good idea to go easier on the deadlift volume and intensity the past couple of weeks because I felt fresh and the pulls were fast.  This session was the last "easy" session, next week will be the last "heavy" session and then just maintenance pulls until the meet.

I was scheduled for 3 sets of 3 with 495, roughly 85% of my gym max.  The first two triples felt excellent so I decided to do an AMRAP set for the last.  Nearest that I can remember my rep max for 495 was 6 so my goal was at least 5 and giv'r for 7 if I was feeling it.  I was able to make it to 6 but was too shaky to try for a new all-time rep PR.  Still, considering I rarely do more than 5 reps with work weights, it was a good set and a good sign that things are shaping up nicely for December 16th.

Bench accessory was three work sets with 225.  The first two sets I did "hypertrophy" style, short ROM pump reps from the chest to about 4" above the chest.  Every 5th rep, I pressed it out.  It was a nice alternative to full ROM reps as there was constant tension on the chest for a longer duration than my regular rep tempo.  The last set I did full ROM and noticed that my triceps and shoulder stabilizers fatigued quicker than my chest and front delts.  Something to work on after this meet is done.

Finished up with leg extensions and seated leg curls just to get some blood flowing without putting any extra stress on my lower back.  Overall a good session.  Looking forward to the final two weeks of hard training and peaking for the meet.  At the moment, still planning on competing at around 245-250 lbs but if my weight drops I may still cut to 231.

Deadlift:  315x5, 405x5, add belt, 495x3, 495x3, 495x6

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 225x10, 225x8

Leg Extension:  130x10, 130x10, 130x10
Seated Leg Curl:  110x10, 110x10, 90x10

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