meet week, some refresher squatting and benching

It's finally meet week and I can't say I've ever felt this ready to try some max attempts.  Since I've never felt this 'ready' I can't say that it'll mean good things on Sunday but as they say, if feeling this good is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Today's session was just some sets of 3's with enough weight to feel the competition groove and just enough work to knock the rust off but leave my body still chomping at the bit to hit some 100+% lifts on Sunday.  The squats felt fast and easy as they should and the bench presses, all reps paused, were nice and quick.  While I'm not cutting weight to make the lower weight class, I'm still cutting carbs this week until Friday so that I can get a bit of a bloat on for Sunday.  I want my attempts to reflect optimal conditions without the confounding factor of dealing with a cut and rehydration as happened to me last meet.

I'll take the time after the meet to finally do what I've been saying I was going to do and that is lose 20 lbs so I'm comfortably under the 105 kg class limit for my next competition.  I've been failing at following through on my stated plans for the last year or more but after reading James Steel's recent entry for his full of awesome blog, Bas' Barbell Club, I realized I need to exert a little willpower and actually do it.  I'm not going to cut for a bodybuilding show like Steel did but I am going to make a full effort to lose the 20 lbs that I've said I was going to lose.  I do have some added incentive since Vivian and I will be taking a cruise next May.  If what they say about cruises is true, I'm going to gain 10 pounds on the boat so I'll need to create some breathing space or my pants won't fit me by the end of trip.

Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 275x5, add belt, 315x3, add wrist wraps, 365x3, 365x3, 365x3

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, all reps paused from here, 225x3, 255x3, add wrist wraps, 275x3, 275x3, 275x3

All that's left for the rest of the week are some 'cardio' sessions to aid in recovery and maybe some bicep and tricep work for fun.

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