1 week out, last full bench press session

This is my last full week of training with the meet next Sunday (Dec 16th).  Cutting back on accessory work but keeping primary lift volumes at normal levels and I'll leave meet week for full recovery.  My warm ups felt slow so I decided to use exaggerated pauses on all the work sets.  With a long pause, there is no alternative but to try to push hard off the chest and force the speed.  Thinking back to my training for this meet, now that my shoulders apparently seem up to the constant volume, I'll start incorporating long pauses on a more regular basis.

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 225x5, 255x3, add wrist wraps, 275x2, 295x2, 315x1, add belt, 315x1, 315x1, just wrist wraps, 285x2, 285x2, 285x2, no wraps, 255x3, 255x3

On a completely unrelated note, I still have my old sports card collection from when I was a kid and was reminded of it recently so I decided to take a picture of two of my favourite cards.

Walter Payton and Gale Sayers
Sweetness and the Kansas Comet
Yup, that's a Walter Payton rookie card (1976 Topps) on the left and a 1970 Topps Gale Sayers.  The Walter Payton card I pulled out of a wax pack when I was a kid.  From what I remember it was a fairly common card to find in a pack, I still have two of them and probably destroyed a couple others in the spokes of my bike.  The Gale Sayers card I bought much later from a card shop simply because after seeing highlights of his play on the internet, he was incredible.  Remembering my card collecting days as a kid brings back some fond memories.  There were no special insert cards or autographed cards, you just bought the packs from the store and hoped to find your favourite players.  As a kid I remember preferring "action shots" to the cards that were simply portraits (like my now cherished Payton rookie card).  It was simpler back then, just liking the cards for what they were and not because of speculative collector value.
an "action shot" card, I have this one too but not in as good condition as this one


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