Deadlift and Squat videos from the 2012 O.P.A. Classic Championships

I just got copies of my squat and deadlift videos taken by fellow competitor Benjamin Butty from the recent 2012 Ontario Powerlifting Association 3 Lift Classic Championships.  Benjamin recorded them with a digital SLR so he was able to take advantage of both the zoom lens and the higher quality sensor to get some excellent videos of my lifts.

My second attempt squat with 210 kgs:

My third attempt squat with 215 kgs. From this angle it looks like I cut it right at the "no doubt" point.  Any higher and I think I'd be risking red lights from an ultra-strict judge.  As it was, it felt very strong so if I can train to that depth in the future, I think I should easily get at least 227.5 kgs in my next competition.
215 kg squat in the hole
screenshot at the lowest point of my 215 kg squat

My opening attempt in the Deadlift was 260 kgs.  It's a weight that I can get with little to no stress.  The video shows a slight hesitation as it breaks free of the earth but from then on it's a quick ride to the top.

My second attempt with 280 kgs took longer to break free but moved with good speed to lockout.

From the start of the pull to lockout was about 5.0 seconds.  Much faster than the first time I pulled that weight back in June at the O.P.A. Toronto Supershow meet.

That lift was about an 8.3 second grinder that never accumulated any speed from break-free to lockout.  While the increase in speed represents progress, I'm still slow to break the weight off the ground.  My attempt at 290 kgs didn't break free at all.  I will definitely have to work on that if I'm going to pull 295 kgs at my next meet.  I'm going to spend more time with snatch grip deadlifts to both work a larger ROM and to add stress to my upper body.

getting a medal from Jerry Marentette
Laughing with Jerry Marentette because I was really the third best M1 lifter, the other two competed with the youngsters in the Open division (both got silver medals too).

with Jerry Marentette
Getting my best M1 lifter medal from powerlifting legend and meet director, Jerry Marentette

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