Photo of a 20 lb weight difference and bench press day

In my recent post about comparing my measurements over a 12 lb weight change, I mentioned I don't take progress photos.  That's not completely accurate, I just don't take them mostly unclothed very often.  I remembered I had a photo from December 21, 2011 when I weighed 230 lbs.  While I'm clothed and wearing a sweater, it gives an idea of how I carried the weight.  I decided to take another picture today at 250 lbs to see if the 20lbs was obvious.

comparison pics, 230 lbs vs 250 lbs
The pants I'm wearing in both pictures are the same size and same brand, just different colours.  The extra 20 lbs are pretty obvious.  Until I saw the picture from today, I had no idea my feet were so far apart. Hopefully, I'll be back down to 230 lbs sometime in the next 3-4 months.  If I make it, I'll take another picture to see if I revert back to the picture from December 2011.

As for tonight's workout, bench presses went pretty well and I was able to increase my total volume.  However it also felt like I need add in a second bench press day, the overhead press day doesn't seem to carryover to my bench very well--probably because my overhead press is too far behind and I have stability issues that need to be fixed before I can properly stress the overhead pressing muscles.

I did 5 sets of chins after the bench presses.  While I did 5 'movements', they weren't 5 full reps.  More like a combination of a couple decent reps and a few partials.  At least my shoulders and elbows didn't hurt.  These should improve quickly provided my joints don't protest.

In light of my decision to add in a second bench pressing day, I decided to add back in a second squat day just to keep the movement fresh.  I did three easy sets of high bar squats.  Since I wore flat shoes, I used a slightly wider stance in order to get to parallel.  While the weight and stress level was low, I could still feel them in the right areas.  It should help both my squat and sumo deadlifts.

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, reps paused from here, 225x5, 255x5, 275x5, 275x4x4 sets, touch and go final set, 235x6,2,1.

Chins:  5,5,5,5,5

High Bar Squat:  135x10, 225x10, 225x10, 225x10

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