Tried out Kirk Shrugs tonight

I'm slowly making progress on my goals of increasing my training volume.  Tonight I started with overhead presses and then added some high bar squats and bench presses in the 65% range for speed sets of 5.  I also tried out an exercise I've never done before, "Kirk Shrugs".  They were pretty tough.  I wasn't able to get 3 sets of 10 reps with what I assume is a pretty light weight so I'll stick with them for a while and see what happens.   My grip was fatigued from the Kirk Shrugs so I didn't myo-rep my dumbbell rows, I just did straight sets of 10.  I even finished with some calf presses on a leg press machine.  I can't remember when I last did any calf work but it's time for me to stop ignoring them.

Overall a good session, was able to get everything done in about 75 minutes.

Coach Steel of the excellent "Bas' Barbell Club" blog demonstrating "Kirk Shrugs"

Overhead Press:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x4, 185x4, 185x3, 165x5, 165x5

High Bar Squats, no belt:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 315x5, 315x5

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, 225x5, 225x5, 225x5

Kirk Shrugs:  135x10, 185x10, 185x10, 185x8

Dumbbell Rows:  100x10, 100x10, 100x10

Calf press:  260x10, 260x10, 260x10

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