Squat rep PR's and overhead press practice

After last week's issues with overhead press stability, I decided to back down the weights and work on form.  To address the stability issues, I made sure to hold each rep at lockout for an extra count and a half to force myself to become accustomed to holding weight over my head.   The more deliberate nature of the reps cut down on my overall volume but it was difficult so that means I have plenty of room for improvement.

I had been thinking about this squat workout all week.  Last squat sessions' 20 reps over 3 sets with 365 lbs was a good start but my goal was 24 total reps before moving up to 385.  My lower back/SI joint area had been extra achy the past few days but that's never been a reliable indicator come workout time.  My warm-ups felt okay except for the first three reps with 225.  Each rep caused a huge nerve fire in my right glute and leg that shot down to my calf as I powered out of the hole.  Suddenly, on rep 4, it was gone. I didn't feel a pop or anything else that might have signaled a release of some impinged tissue but I wasn't going to complain.  From then on, all the sets and reps felt normal.  Weird.

While my progression scheme was based on 3 sets of 8, I also decided that if I could do more than 8, I would.  Since I've rarely counted past 5 on a set of squats over the past 2 years, getting back into the mental swing of pushing reps is part of this training phase's challenge.  Everything felt solid and I was pretty happy to get 10 reps on my first set.  As far as I can remember, that's a rep PR for 365 lbs.  I managed 8 and 6 on the next two sets to hit my goal of 24 total reps.  The last two sets also fired up a huge lower back pump that  hobbled me for my sets of dumbbell power flyes.  I guess it'll be a while before my lower back is conditioned to handle the volume.

Overhead Press:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x4, 185x3, 185x3

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x5, add wrist wraps, 365x10 (rep PR), 365x8, 365x6

Dumbbell Power Flyes:  45x15, 55x12, 60x12


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