Another Bench Press PR

After last week's bench press PR, I felt pretty good about a second week of tapering to work on singles.  After shoveling snow for a couple days and tweaking my left arm, I wasn't so sure.  Nevertheless, I felt good enough today that I figured I'd play it by ear and if things felt good and the bar moved fast, I'd proceed as planned.

Other than feeling my left arm a little on my warm-up single with 335, there wasn't much protest going on in the old joints.  After a pretty fast paused single with 335, I loaded 350 to try to beat last week's touch and go PR of 345.  The weight felt good off the rack and felt pretty heavy at the chest but I pressed it up and spend a good 4-5 seconds grinding through the sticking point to lockout.  It was definitely my max today and probably for this taper cycle.

The grind was harder on my lumbar spine than anything else.  I don't end up in or near end range lumbar extension in any other exercises and apparently when I do, my back doesn't like it at all.  The combination of a now tender lower back and my wad shot from the max single led to less than spectacular bar speeds with my one overload set with the Titan Ram and subpar back off set of paused reps with 275.  Still, getting two all-time PR's was a pretty good result from the two week taper.

I finished with some light high bar paused squats but skipped pull ups again since my left arm is still sore.  On a positive note, I haven't felt the need for pre or post workout ibuprofen in quite a few months.  Knock on wood, the training of the past 6 months has been some of the most pain-free training I've done since my 'comeback' started in November of 2007.

Bench Press:  135x10, 185x10, all reps paused, 225x5, 255x3, add wrist wraps, 275x1, 295x1, 315x1, add belt, 335x1, touch and go, all time PR, 350x1, add Titan Ram, 365x2, no Ram, no belt, paused reps, 275x5

High Bar Squats:  135x10, 225x10, 225x10  all reps paused for a 2 ct in the hole

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