Squatting and video review

After last week's good squat session, I was prepared to do a reduced workload today since I was due for a recovery session.  However, I also figured I'd see how things went and decide on the fly.  Turns out, my intuition was correct as my groove was off and my first set with 405 was terrible.

Since the gym was very quiet for a Tuesday, I was able to use a bench and some 10's to prop up my camera for video of my work set.  I hadn't expected the set to go as poorly as it did so I was glad I could do a post-mortem on the set while I recovered.

These were slow and out of the groove.  Upon review, it's clear that I was letting my weight get forward, thus folding me up and keeping me from getting as deep as I wanted.  After reviewing the video, I did another set of 3 with 405 but it felt heavy and refused to move fast.

Since I still needed to get some work in and it was clear my squat groove needed re-discovering, I decided to do pause squats with 365.  I proceeded to do 5 sets of 2.  Just to check on things, I video'd the first set.

It was somewhat better than the earlier set.  Although I was still folding up some, I was able to get my knees out and keep my weight back closer to my heels but it took the remaining 4 sets of pause squats to really feel comfortable.  I also worked on trying to get another inch of depth since these were dancing on either side of parallel.  I've been watching the live feed of the Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships in Richmond, B.C. and they're calling depth pretty strictly so an extra inch just in case is never a bad thing to have in reserve.

Strange thing about tonight's session was even though the weight felt heavy and refused to move with any speed, when I was done, it also didn't feel like I had done much work.  Usually I feel fatigued after a squat session but tonight, it didn't hit me until much later and even then it was more stiffness than fatigue.  Hopefully it's something that some food and sleep will remedy.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x3, add wrist wraps, 365x3, 405x3, 405x3

Pause squats:  365x2x5 sets

Pull ups:  6, 5, 5

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