Squats and Bench Presses

Since I have some non-training days in the next 8 weeks, I decided it would be a good time to work on increasing my total weekly volume of the main lifts.  I've made good progress on getting my main days on each lift to a level that I haven't sustained in the past so the next goal is to spread that volume over more days and increase the total amount of lifts and poundage lifted each week.

I have a business trip in a couple of weeks that will keep me out of the gym for 4 days and a vacation in May that will keep me out of the gym for possibly 10 days.  Both periods will allow for recovery or healing if my current plans are too ambitious (but I don't think they are).

My goal is to bench press three times a week at a higher average intensity than my current two sessions and to squat two times a week at a higher volume than my current sessions.  I may even increase that to three times a week if I can get in some extra shoulder mobility work.

Today was squats and bench presses on the new plan.  6 sets of 3 with 385 in the squat and 5 sets of 3 with 275 in the bench.  The 385 is approx 81% of my 1 RM and I tried to do the sets with as little rest as possible while also trying to do the repetitions with as much speed as I could muster.  It went very well, my form was much improved and the bar moved nice and fast.

Bench presses were fairly easy as today is the lighter intensity day of the three I have planned.  The next session (with deadlifts) will involve overload work with the Titan Ram and the third day will be 6 sets of 3 with 280 lbs.  My second squat session of the week will remain unbelted paused squats, 6 sets of 3 repetitions.

Finished up with heavier kirk shrugs and barbell rows.  Will do pull ups and barbell shrugs as assistance work on Bench/Deadlift day and heavy barbell rows and lighter kirk shrugs on paused squat/bench press day.  From now until my meet on June 15th, I will be leaving overhead presses out.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x5, 365x3, 385x3x6 sets

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 250x3, 275x3x5 sets

Kirk Shrugs:  225x8, 275x4, 275x4, 275x4

Barbell rows:  225x6, 225x6, 225x6

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