Pause squats and back in a bench shirt

It's been something like 5 months since I've been out to train with my Toronto Rex teammates at the Boyle's garage but it was good to be back.  There's a new team member now, baby Boyle. I got to hold him and instead of crying like most babies, he actually smiled a little (although I have no photographic proof).

the baby did not start crying
It was good to train with Tannis, Kinnon, Mark and Trish again.   We're all entered in the upcoming UTM Classic competition on June 15th so there will be a lot of Toronto Rex action on the platform.

Since I was training with the team, I brought a bench press shirt to hit some bench overload work and also to see where my equipped bench press was now that my shoulders were healthy again.  I also planned to get my paused squat work done as well.

Despite squatting two days ago, the paused squats went very well today.  I cut the volume back a little bit since the training pace is always a little slower with multiple lifters and rack time was limited but I was happy with the speed of the lifts. Next week, I'll be back on my normal heavy squat/bench volume, bench overload/deadlift, pause squat/bench volume schedule.   If I'm able to make it back out to train with the team, I may switch the bench overload and bench volume days to get in another day of shirted benching in before Vivian and I leave for vacation.  The bench shirt bites hard and Vivian doesn't want me to show up at the ship's pool sporting bruises everywhere.

The last time I used this shirt, a size 48, straight sleeve Titan Super Katana, I weighed about 15 lbs less.  Even then, I couldn't touch 455 to my chest but more importantly, couldn't press it back up either.  With added bodyweight, the shirt fits even tighter but I'm also a lot stronger.  On the advice of Keith Old, a top lifter in New Zealand who just totaled an equipped 865 kgs in a meet this past weekend, I stuck with board work to get re-accustomed to the shirt and to acclimate to the overload poundages required.

365x2 to a 3-board was a tough touch but a super easy press.  405x2 was just as easy.  435x2 to a 2-board was also easy.  455x2 to a 2-board was fast but it was still very hard to touch.  I finished up with a 475x1 to a 2-board that didn't quite touch.  The press was easy but I was starting to fatigue and couldn't fight the shirt hard enough to touch.  All in all it was a good session.  I'm definitely much stronger than the last time I used a bench press shirt but I need to take it slow since it's clear I'm going to need to use a lot more weight.

Since I don't anticipate competing in a bench shirt any sooner than November, I'm going to take it slow and let my joints get used to handling weights 150+ lbs heavier than my current raw max.  Since I'll be 20 lbs lighter by then, the shirt will be easier to use so that should make touching weights a little easier.  Assuming my shoulders do not start to complain, I hope to up my current equipped bench press PR by a significant amount.

Pause Squats: 135x10, 225x5, 275x5, 335x3x5 sets

Bench Press: all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x1

shirted board presses:  3-board, 365x2, 405x2, 2-board, 435x2, 455x2, 475x1 2-board PR

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