wk 3 of increased volume, squat and bench press

Starting my third week of increased squat and bench press volumes but this week will be a bit less than the previous two since Vivian and I finally have a tee time booked for Sunday.  Finally getting a start to our golf season means I'll probably not have a weekend training session so my squat and bench press repetition volumes will be one session short.

I used the same progression as last week's heavy squat day but kept the intensity a little higher on the last three sets.  Despite feeling a little tired, the bar moved faster with the weights this week than last.  I did 34 total work repetitions compared to 37 the previous week but the average weight used was higher.

For paused bench press sets, I set a goal of getting my 8 work sets done in 12 minutes and was able to hit my goal.  I will probably keep that timing as my norm for my bench volume days as it helps me fit my training sets into the roughly 75-80 minutes I have at the gym.

I finished up with kirk shrugs but with short rest periods, my grip really starts to fail.  Still, it's starting to get easier to hold onto the bar and stronger hands are a big component to hitting a golf ball farther so I'll keep up the pace on these as well.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x5, add wrist wraps, 365x3, 385x3, 405x2, 425x3, 425x3, 405x3, 405x3, 405x3

Bench Press: all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3x8 sets in 12 minutes

Kirk Shrugs:  225x8, 275x5, 275x4, 275x4

34 total Squat work reps, 34 total Bench Press work reps  (work reps = all reps at greater than 50% of my 1 RM)

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