Bench press overloads and deadlift singles

Shoulders felt completely recovered from Tuesday's bench session so went full bore into my planned bench press overload session.  Worked up to a paused double with 315, added the Titan Ram and worked up to  a single with 385 and a back off double with 365.  It's amazing how much extra effort holding supramaximal weights are.  Even with the Titan Ram taking about 30-40 lbs off at the chest, the extra energy spent holding the bar and stabilizing it really works me hard.  After the overload work, did some back-off touch and go sets with 315 and 295.  Will be curious to see how everything feels for Saturday's bench volume session where I have planned 6 sets of 3 with 280 lbs.

After bench presses, went right into my deadlift sets.  My plan tonight was to get at least 4 singles with 545 or more.  Last singles workout on March 7, I got 3 singles with 545.  My back felt better than it has felt in a while and I was able to get a total of 4 singles, 1 with 545 and 3 with 565.  My last single with 565 was a little grindy so I shut it down there.  I was still pretty happy to increase my singles to 4 and use 20 lbs more with the same bar speed as the previous singles session.

My eating has gone well, after recovering from Saturday's family supper, so far, every other day has gone according to plan.  Weight is slowly coming down and I'm trying hard to retain my strength.  It feels like my bench press has been affected but it could also just be the recovery period due to recent PR's.  Either way, I'm not scheduled to hit any 1 RM attempts for a while.

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, add wrist wraps, 315x2, add Titan Ram, 345x3, 365x3, 385x1, 365x2, drop Titan Ram, reps done TnG, 315x2, drop wrist wraps, 295x4

Deadlift:  315x3, 405x3, 495x3, add belt, 545x1, 565x1, 565x1, 565x1

Barbell Shrugs:  405x10, 435x10, 435x10

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